Nicki Minaj Measurements

She Has Given The Meaning To The Bootylicious

Are Nicki Minaj Measurements Natural Or Not?

Nicki Minaj body measurements look quite extravagant and make us wonder can they really be a result of natural development and dedication to training and physical shaping of body, or is her quite specific look result of a plastic surgery. Nicki Minaj speaks of her look rarely-she just exposes herself quite significantly and enables us to enjoy in her body in minimalistic or tiht outfits that don’t hide much. Obviously, Nicki is very satisfied with her current look, and we can understand it when we look at her past photos, from the period when she was a teen. She was quite slim back then, and didn’t show she might develop to her current voluminous measurements. Nicki is probably the best example (besides Amber Rose and few other starlets) of the look that we associate with butt implants. There is no way anyone would have such shape and size of derriere in a natural way, especially when you consider disproportion with the rest of her body.

Nicki Minaj Measurements

Nicki’s Boobs Are Admirable Just As Her Behind

Nicki Minaj bra size today looks quite enhanced to the one she used to have about a decade ago. Nicki has obviously enhances her breasts, which was actually only logical decision, considering enhancement of her behind. She just had to equalize her torso with her lower body, to look even better than before. When one compares Nicki’s cleavage from some older photos, it is evident that although she wasn’t flat-chested, her boobs were significantly smaller then today. It was necessary to enhance then significantly, to compare them to her voluminous behind, and she has done a good job with this. Her tight outfits enable us to see that she has invested a lot into her current look. Nicki is proud of her look and is always happy when she attracts attention, no matter what kind of it, positive or not! One could characterise her look as extravagant and flamboyant, as she loves bold colors, crazy outfits, and often changes hair color, either with dying or by simply wearing a wig. Her hair sometimes gives us chills and this is just crazy positive! Nicki is definitely a woman that will never go unnoticed!

Nicki Is Pint-Sized Bombshell

Nicki Minaj Photos Nicki Minaj height and weightare not within popular definition of perfect. Todays’ stylists and fashion experts would say that she should loose some weight when comparing her current weight with her small height. However, for one, she is not a character that would really care for what anyone has to say, and two, she knows how to go around her pint-size: she usually wears high heels, which additionally elongate her legs and put extra accent on her wide hips and perky, large booty.

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Nicki Minaj Photos Nicki uses her femine, attractive body measurements in every occasions, wearing attractive, attention-grabbing outfits. Her dresses and overalls have become infamous on the red carpet, and it is evident that has undergo some plastic surgeries that have helped her to gain more popularity and self-confidence. She always chooses very sexy and attractive outfits for her public presentation. She loves to attract attention and her looks is such that she easily gets the attention wherever she shows up. She also enables her fans to enjoy the show, while watching her sexy and attractive music videos. Her music videos always expose her best body assets in amazing exterior. Nicki is excentric and flamboyant, outrageous and interesting, crazy positive and unbeliveable diva. Nicki knows how to attract attention with her looks, and we are sure that we shall be able to enjoy in this for years to come.

Do you think that enhancing her measurements, Nicky Minaj contributed to her success?

Nicki Minaj Measurements.

Nicki Minaj Body Statistics:

Measurements: 37-26-45

Bra Size: 34 C

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 140lbs

Shoe Size: 5

Dress Size: unkown

Hair Color: she has had all of the hair colours, currently black. Actually, she often wears a wig

Eye Color: brown, but she often wears different coloured contact lenses



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