Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before And After

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery – Real secret Of Carol’s Youthful Looks

Carol remains looking youthful even at this stage of her age. She might be eighty years old but still can match the looks of any half of her age younger ladies. The real secret lies in the plastic surgeries that she has undergone from time to time in her long career. And the big thing is that she has never denied about undergoing surgery. This is one fact that many celebrities are always in denial of. But Carol’s story is different. Coming from a humble background and making it big on the small screen is a task worth a lot of appreciation. Whenever she goes under the knife for changing her looks, she always accepts it and tells the free media about the works she has undergone through plastic surgery.

Detail Of Carol Burnett’s Surgeries

Carol Burnett Pictures From Botox to implants to reductions, Carol has it all done. She has undergone a lot of surgeries related to implants and Botox treatment. Botox injection is the most significantly used treatment that Carol has undertaken. She told a reporter that she always wanted to have a beautiful and fuller chin and she always thought of ways to do so. When she went to the surgeon the first time, the first thing she discussed about was her chin. And the first surgery was also for implanting chin. The implant was a good one and Carol Burnett’s chin looked better than the one she had before surgery.

Next in line was the facelift surgery. The surgery was done to remove the wrinkles from her skin and it has had a very positive result on her face and skin.

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before And After Difference

Carol Burnett Photos Looking at her photographs and videos of before and after plastic surgery, it is clear that she has been able to retain her somewhat youthful looks and has been able to preserve her skin from sagging. Starting from the forehead, her forehead has been in better shape after surgery. She took Botox injections during her surgery and as a result her forehead looks more elevated than before the surgery. Also, it looks more shiny and free of wrinkles compared to her previous look. The parts around her eyebrows and between the eyebrows have a softer look now and maybe she had some treatment in this area of her face also.

The best result of the Carol Burnett facelift surgery seems to be her lips. Her lips look more elevated and wrinkle free. The saggy skin has faded away and has been replaced by a bit more tighter looks which is attributed to the facelift surgery.

Carol Burnett Has A Youthful Look After Surgery

Carol Burnett Photos Ask anybody in the celebrity world and everyone will give you positive comments about Carol’s looks after the surgery. Many believe that she should have undergone these surgeries long before to change her face appearance. But still they agree that she looks more beautiful and youthful after her surgery. Carol even has been getting regular responses from her fans who always appreciate her decision to go under the knife. At this age, having such a pretty look and maintaining it is such a hard job but hats off to Carol who has managed to do so. Her looks are still an example for the ladies of her age who look nowhere near her when compared with her face complexion and appearance.


Carol Burnett MeasurementsWhat Experts Say About Her Plastic Surgery?

Many believe it is her personal decision so nobody should comment but there are some who believe she should not go for any further surgery. They believe that at this age it could be better for her if she remains in her natural looks as medically the surgeries can have a negative impact on her looks. Many times, the face rejects plastic surgery at this age and the looks could become more plastic and this could show out in celebrity appearance, such as in Madonna‘s case. The damage could be high. Whether agree or not , but the fact remains that till this time the decision of her plastic surgery has been a positive one and a good one.

Are you a Carol Burnett fan, what is your opinion about her surgeries?

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    I have just watched her in Hawaii five o. I did not know who she was, but my first thought “Plastic surgery victim! Awful. She cannot open her mouth properly, due to the skin stretching!

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