Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery

 Kardashian’s Mom Trying To Look Younger Than Her 56 Years Of Age

Kris Jenner’s Efforts To Make Herself Look Younger

It is evident that Kris Jenner, Kardashian family matriarch, manages to look excellent for her almost 60 years of age. We can even say too good to be true, because her face has reached limit from where she will look quite unnatural and artificial, if she doesn’t stop with constant surgical improvements of her facial features. At this point, some experts say that her face looks too tight, thanks to numerous botox injections and chemical peeling she has done to remove all signs of wrinkles.

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kris Jenner plastic surgery are various procedures to remove wrinkles and make face look smooth and wrinkle-free, and she has definitely managed to achieve her goal. It would be good to stop with all these procedures now, because if she continues she will look very artificial and even scary.

Kris Jenner Pictures Kris Jenner has admitted to having a breast augmentation, which is evident when we look at some of her photos with cleavage-baring photos. At such photos, it is evident that her boobs are larger than they were when she was younger, and also, they are very firm and round, which makes quite obvious sign that they are product of breast surgery procedure. Despite the fact that her boobs are result of a surgery, it must be admitted that this was a good surgery, because her boobs don’t appear too big for her torso and general appearance. Additionally, it must be mentioned that Kris has a great fashion sense and usually wears age-appropriate clothes, which is definitely something to applaude to.

Did Kris Jenner Had Other Surgeries Besides Face-Lifting?

Kris Jenner Photos When we look at Kris Jenner before plastic surgery photos and present ones, it is evident that she has had both face-lifting and botoxc injections, along with some chemical peeling procedures. Additionally, she has also had some fillers to cheeks and jawline, because these parts of her face also look very plump and fresh: they look too good and youthful for her age.

Besides already mentioned face-lifting, it is evident that Kris has had neck-lifting as well, to even and refresh skin on her neck. It was a logical step after the face surgery, necessary to be done so that neck looks as fresh as the face.

Kris Jenner plastic surgery before and after photos reveal that star has done lots of work on herself to improve her look in every aspect and to remain looking young and fresh, despite the fact that she is almost 60 years old. It seems that appeal of surgery runs in family, as it seems that both her daughter Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner, Kris husband, are fans of plastic surgeries.

Of course, it is no wonder that they reach for plastic surgery as an easy and effective way to improve look without any effort. Plastic surgery is extremely popular these days in entertainment industry, and it seems almost mandatory to have it in order to keep youthful and beautiful look, despite the age and other factors that might affect best possible look (pregnancy, illness, accidents, addictions). Maintaining great look is necessary if you want to keep public attention, and stars are ready to do whatever it takes to look beautiful. Plastic surgery is the easiest way to get great looks within few days, and stars use it without second thought. Kris Jenner is no exception, and this is obvious from these before and after surgery photos. What do you think of Kris Jenner plastic surgery? Were they successful? How does she look in her 50s?

Kris Jenner is not only TV celebrity who has chosen plastic surgery to look younger in front of the TV cameras. Many TV hosts have had botox and face-lifting to look younger, such as Katie Couric and  Robin Meade have had it, and managed to look great on TV, despite inevitable aging process.

Kris Jenner Measurements

Kris Jenner Body Statistics:

Measurements: 37-27-37

Bra Size: 34C

Height: 5’6″ 

Weight: 135 lbs

Shoe Size: 9

Dress Size: 8

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: brown