Kimora Lee Simmons Net Worth

Kimora Lee Simmons Net Worth

How much is Kimora Lee worth:

  • Full Name: Kimora Lee Perkins
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Model
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African-American/Korean/Mixed


Kimora Lee Simmons Net Worth – Is The Model Turned Entrepreneur Really Rich?

Today Kimora Lee Simmons net worth is $50 million; she is one of the richest women entrepreneurs in Hollywood today. But the stunning lady had a hard beginning of life. She grew up in Missouri. Her mother was Korean who came to USA because a family adopted her. She later on found a job for herself and met Kimora’s father who was an African American. Kimora was very tall and she looked different from her fellow classmates. This is the reason her classmates made fun of her all the time. She later said that her school years were one of the difficult times of her life.

Kimora’s friends may saw her height as a weird thing but her mother did not. She knew her daughter was good looking and different, she also wanted her to feel special. So she enrolled Kimora with a modeling agency when she was just 11. More than building a career Kimora’s mother wanted her daughter to feel good about herself. Kimora after becoming a celebrity told many interviewers that her mother saved her life by introducing her to the world of modeling.

Career In High Fashion Industry

Kimora Lee Simmons Pictures Kimora’s beginning in the world of modeling was exactly what dreams are made of. One of the biggest fashion houses in the world Channel gave her an offer to work with them when she was not even 14. She of course signed the offer and moved to Paris. She stated working under Karl Lagerfeld. Karl used to showcase Kimora as a young bride. Her unconventional striking good looks made her an overnight sensation. People started talking about her and they wanted to know more about her.

Kimora Lee Simmons net worth net worth $50 million was made because Kimora was much more than a model. Most models are not very good talkers, but that is where Kimora was different, when she gave interviews to TV shows people saw what a fun personality she is. This bubbly personality also helped her in landing her first TV show.

Personal Life

Kimora Lee Simmons Photos Kimora Lee got her surname Simmons when she married successful business magnet Russell Simmons. Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons were one of the hot Hollywood couples, together they appeared in many talk shows. They have three children together; many people believed though that the stunning model only married Simmons to get ahead in her career. But Kimora dismissed those rumors saying that she truly loves him. But when they separated and subsequently filed for divorce the critics had a field day as they were predicting this from the time the couple got together.

Kimora also made name for having a different personal view about all the things under the Sun. in 2008 unlike many Hollywood celebrities she decided to endorse Hillary Clinton for president instead Barak Obama. She was very vocal about her personal choice.

Kimora Lee Simmons Photos

Today Kimora Lee Simmons net worth is one of the highest among all the women TV personalities. She has a successful fashion like Jessica Simpson and Mary Kate Olsen. After her divorce she got together with actor Djimon Hounsou. But she broke up with him and now she is married to banker Tim Leissner, together they have a son. Life is full for Kimora Lee these days.