Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before And After

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery – What Happened To Katie’s Face?

Katie Cassidy was born on 25th November, 1986 in California to David Cassidy and Sherry Benedon. She entered the acting industry in 2003. But did the actress get plastic surgery? That is the big question her fans and critics are asking today? The award-winning actress has changed her look not once but so many times. That is why Katie Cassidy plastic surgery rumors shouldn’t come as a surprise. She has changed her hair color a number of times. Now she has brown hair instead of blond hair. And lately she seems to be turning her hair black. But it is possible that the actress is not changing only her hair color but her body as well.

Katie Cassidy Cosmetic Surgery -True Or False

Katie Cassidy is naturally beautiful and there is no doubt about that. Recently, however, there has been a lot of debate regarding her ever changing face. Close observers think that the actress may be getting help from plastic surgeons. They believe that she has had some work done. Let’s face it, she really look very different. They said that there are some considerable changes on her chin, nose and jaw.

Katie Cassidy Pictures

Katie Cassidy Nose Job

If you take a close look at her current facial appearance and compare it to the older one, you should be able to spot some changes. Her nose now looks slimmer and sharper than the previous one. It is a good indication of a rhinoplasty or a nose job. Even so, the nose job was perfectly done. It looks great. Katy Perry and Eminem have also believed to having undergone cosmetic surgery.

Chin Implants

Another surgery that Katie is accused of getting is the chin implants. Her face has changed drastically as a result of this procedure, according to critics. Her current face looks quite longer than it used to be. She also looks quite skinnier than she used to look.

Katie Cassidy Photos

Jaw Surgery

Based on her old and recent pictures, it is quite clear that the shape of her face has changed a lot. Her jaw is longer than it used to be. So, people think it was due to Jaw surgery that she had.

Chin Implants Procedure

The actress is also accused of getting chin implants. Her current chin looks shorter than before. Her face looks rounder than she used to. These are some of the factors that led to Katie Cassidy plastic surgery speculations. So, what do her fans think? Do they still believe these rumors? Let’s find out.

Katie Cassidy Photos What Her Fans Say

Most of her fans have come out to defend her. They vehemently denied claims that the actress undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks. According to them, the changes are attributed to her weight loss. Yes, the actress has lost some weight and this might be one of the factors that changed her appearance.

There are several reasons why her fans think it is not true that Katie Cassidy had cosmetic surgery. Number one, the girl is too young to undergo plastic surgery. There is no need for cosmetic surgery because the star is naturally beautiful and does not have wrinkles or aging signs. She is only her twenties. Secondly, she is too busy and therefore there is almost no time to heal from cosmetic surgery. For this reason, it is unlikely that she has had any work done.

Final Thoughts

The reason for the speculations regarding Katie Cassidy plastic surgery isprobably due to the fact that she has attempted to change her look several times. Of course, many are tempted to believe that the claims are true but not everyone believes they are true. Sadly, the actress has declined to comment on the subject.