Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

How much is Jimmy Iovine worth:

  • Full Name: James Iovine
  • Net Worth: $970 Million
  • Occupation: Record Producer/ Enterpunier
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Italian

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth – Is He Richer Than Even Jay Z?

Jımmy Iovine was born and brought up in Brooklyn, NYC, both his parents were Italian.  Jimmy was never much interested in his studies. So he started searching for a job at a very young age. A songwriter gave him a job, it was nothing to do with music though, his job was to clean the studio. But Jimmy admitted later in his interviews that it is probably from there that his interest in music started and so the Jimmy Iovine net worth.

Career Of Jımmy Iovine

Today people call that Jimmy Iovine has ears for music, he introduced so many future great singers. Jimmy Iovine net worth of $970 million was made because he collaborated with the best talents in the industry. At a very early stage of his career he got to work with Bruce Springsteen.

Jimmy Iovine Pictures

Jimmy Iovine also got into lots of trouble with his contemporaries. There was a recent report which claimed that he was trying to lure the music artists away from Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal. People were started to believe that a feus between these two big names in music was about to happen. But Jay Z told Billboard magazine that he does not hate Jimmy Iovine and happens to enjoy the competition that he gives him. After all they both are buisness savvy people who want to grow their empire. Jay Z also told that Jimmy is way to more competitive than him and that is why he was not seeing the point that this is not about any individual people, it is about making music even more popular among the general people.

Artist 50 cent told the media that he got rejected by Jimmy Iovine and the businessman told him he did not care for his style of music at all. Well, everyone makes mistake and Jimmy definitely did one as 50 cent was one of the top selling artists when he was at his prime.

Association With Dr Dre

Jimmy Iovine net worth was mainly built due to his record company with Dr Dre, Jimmy used to own 25 percent shares of that company. It was estimated that when Apple purchased that company Jimmy’s bank balance grew more than 600 million. But his and Dr Dre’s association had more significance in Hollywood than just a lot of money. Together they produced and helped some of the most popular names in music today. Eminem and Lady Gaga both thanked Jimmy Iovine in their acceptance speech. Working with this team is one of the most prestigious things in music world. Jimmy Lovine is one person in music that everybody talks about, some praises him, some says not so good words, but no one can ignore him today.

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Colorful Personal Life

Jimmy Iovine got divorced from his wife Vicki Iovine in 2009, after that he started dating much younger model Liberty Ross. Their association created a lot of interest among media since Liberty’s ex-husband Rupert Sanders was caught cheating, his pictures with Kristen Stewart were published all over the world. Liberty divorced him and moved on with Jimmy Iovine, but the whole thing created a whole of drama, and media absolutely loved it.

Jimmy Iovine Photos

Jimmy Iovine net worth is expected to be more than 1 billion in next couple of years and then he will part of a prestigious club that still does not has many members.