Jim Carrey Net Worth

Jim Carrey Net Worth

How much is Jim Carrey worth:

  • Full Name: James Eugene Carrey
  • Occupation: actor
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: Canadian

Jim Carrey Net Worth – Famous Actor Who Has Made A Lot Of Money With His Amazing Comedies

Jim Carrey net worth was acquired over the 1990s and later, with several crazy funny movies that were huge hits in the cinemas. Ace Ventura and The Mask, Dumb and Dumber-these movies presented us Jim’s wacky sense of humor and amazing abilities to make people laugh.Even bigger surprise later on was his ability to also be drama actor and step aside from comedies. Jim is talented actor who has amazing ability to transform and to present huge array of human emotions on big screen.

How Did Jim Carrey Become Famous Hollywood Star?

Jim Carrey Pictures Jim Carrey was born in Canada in 1962 as James Eugene Carrey. He started performing as a child, as he was always interested to act as comedian and make people laugh. Even on classes, teachers would give him few minutes to entertain colleagues with his stand-up performance. Due to bad financial situation in family, Jim left highschool and startzed performing in clubs. He moves to LA in 1979 and started working in comedy club, while he was also looking for movie and television roles. In 1994 he made first Ace Ventura movie, and the rest became history. When someone wonders what is Jim Carrey net worth and when did he actually become rich, this movie was definitely the turning point. At this moment, Jim Carrey has net worth of $150 million. He owns beautiful property in LA, located in posh Brentwood neighbourhood that is home to many Hollywood celebrities. When he drives around, he chooses among luxurious Mercedes Benz SL63 and Porsche Panamera, so we have no doubt that he feels very comfortable. Jim Carrey also owns a 7000 square foot duplex penthouse located in Manhattan. It is interesting to mention that although Jim obviously knows how to enjoy life, buying beautiful properties and expensive cars, he also is a very generous person and regularly contributes to different charity causes. Particularly touching is his support for children cancer awareness organization Luke Neuhedel Foundation.

Jim Carrey’s Private Life

Jim Carrey Photos First Jim Carrey wife was Melissa Wormer, with whom he was married for 8 years and got daughter Jane Erin, who is now 29 old. After this marriage didn’t succeed, and actually ended in a very problematic divorce, Jim found comfort in arms of fellow actress, Lauren Holly. She became second Jim Carrey wife, but that marriage lasted just a little over 12 months and also ended in divorce and with stories about infidelities.

After that relationship, Jim Carrey didn’t marry again. He was close to marriage with actress and a model Jenny McCarthy, but two of them separated in 2010, after 5 years of dating and announced engagement.

Jim Carrey Photos After this long-term relationship, Jim wasn’t linked in such a way with any other women. He did have several short-term flings with women who were not famous as his wives and Jenny, but neither relationship lasted too long. It seems that Jim just can’t find soulmate, but maybe that is due to his ADHD issues and battle with depression he has publicly acknowledged. We congratulate him on his ability to publicly face his “demons”, but this surely doesn’t make his private life easy. Maybe this “demon-facing” was responsible for his long-term travelling sometime last year, when he visited historic sites all over the world (such as Machu Picchu) and regularly posted funny videos online, in order to stay in touch with his fans. This was really cool!

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Active lifestyle seems to be common point for all rich and famous persons with huge net worth, such as Dwyane Wade and Gene Simmons. They also travel a lot and interact with their fans on these travels.