Larry David Net Worth

Larry David Net Worth

How much is Larry David worth:

  • Full Name: Lawrence Gene David
  • Net Worth: $800 Million
  • Occupation: comedian, writer, producer, actor
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Larry David Net Worth – The Billionaire Generates Money Through His Jokes

Larry David net worth is known when he co created Senfield series. The hilarious guy behind the successful show was born in Brooklyn.
He was a college graduate and served in US Army before working as a limousine driver. The early life was tough for Larry. He took an acting class in Manhattan and managed to joined stand up comedy club.

How Much Is Larry David Worth In His Early Life?

Larry David PicturesBeing a shop assistant wasn’t paying much for his life. Until he met Jerry Seinfield who later becomes his best partner and also best friend. Jerry offered him a writer role and he also played in Saturday Night Life. The future seemed bright for him at this moment as he quitted the Saturday Night Life and was offered to team up with Senfield for NBC. The sitcom was a massive success with 9 seasons. The storyline was creative and some of the stories were even based on his true events like how he quitted the job and landed to another one.

The Net Worth Larry David

Larry David Photos His TV show, Curb Your Enthusiasm has 80 episodes. He also played in several other movies like films by Woody Allen.

From the Seifeld, he earned himself a nice amount of money for about $1 billion per year. He was once of the highest paid writer in the industry. The year flies and the sitcom generated almost $3 billion since its initial show. It was estimated that he earned around $400 million.

In 2008, Larry was a money maker with his worth of $55 salary per year. The Seinfeld syndication was recored in DVD and the sales boost his salary even more. not to mention his own tv show in HBO that makes him one of the highest paid writer according to Forbes Magazine. The fortune he owns were above Donald Trump or Will Smith.

Larry David Photos His asset reached $800 million and that makes him in the same level with actors like George Clooney and even Tom Cruise! According to business insider, he was marvelous to beat that on screen artists in term of fortune. But during an interview, he extremely denied the list published by the magz. Even after he was divorced, the settlement did not run him out of money.

Larry David wife split in 1993 and they have 2 children. The 4 years marriage end did not diminish his career though. But the rumor that he’s pissed off was that during an interview with The Rolling Stone, Larry confessed that he wasn’t that rich after the split has cost him half of his fortune. Thus, he didn’t want people to obsess about how rich he is with the fact that he had to give the half fortune away.

He is often compared to Jerry Seinfeld because people think that Jerry deserved more and Larry was not seen much on screen so he shouldn’t get that much fortune. People think it was luck while Larry thinks of it as his true hard work and creativity. As it is uncharacteristic for a writer to have a fortune more than George Clooney, that does not mean he can’t. He finds it amusing that he should not get that much but in fact he did. Larry David is quite a humorous person himself that he often tells jokes that becomes his very own quote. He is an eccentric guy with brilliant mind.

Larry David Body Statistics MeasurementsWhat do you think about Larry David?

Is he going to be successful after the Seinfeld and the Curb got in the way?

How do you compare him to his other fellow comedians?

Has he been working hard to get the fortune or he is just lucky like what they said?