Dwyane Wade Net Worth

Dwyane Tyrone Net Worth

How much is Dwyane Tyrone worth:

  • Full Name: Dwyane Tyrone Wade Junior
  • Occupation: basketball player
  • Net Worth: $95 Million
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: American

Dwyane Wade Net Worth – Enables Him To Enjoy High Life With His Wife And Children

Dwyane Wade Net Worth Was Earned Thanka To His Excellent Basketball Skills As Well As Lucrative Endorsement Deals

Dwyane Tyrone Pictures Dwyane Tyrone Wade Junior was born in 1982 in Chicago and is almost 33 years old. He is successful NBA player, currently engaged in Miami Heat. He plays in NBA All-Star games for 9 years in row now, and has also played as a member of American Olympics team three times since 2004.  He earns millions every year thanks to his successful play in Miami Heat-he has already won 2 championships in this great team. However, club salary isn’t his only income: he makes lot of money thanks to his advertising of such brands as Nike, Li Ning, Hublot watches and Gatorade. Dwyane has web page where he promotes healthy lifestyle and family values and his site is very popular among his fans.

Dwyane Wade’s current net worth is $95 million, while his annual salary is $15 million. He owns beautiful home in Miami Dade (worth $11 million) and used to own a great mansion in Chicago (which he gave to his first wife after the divorce, along with one of his cars). Speaking of vehicles, Dwyane Wade cars include: Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade, McLaren MP4-12C (which he got for 30th birthday in 2012 as a birthday present from a Miami car dealership he promotes) and Porsche 991.

Dwyane Wade Personal Life

Dwyane Tyrone Photos Dwyane Wade wife No1 was hish high-school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches, who gave birth to his two sons, Zaire, born in February 2003 and Zion Malachi Airamis, born in May 2007. Because they have been together since they were just kids, it was only normal to expect that their relationship will deteriorate and that they will begin to set apart in time. This has definitely happened after the birth of their second son, as Dwyane Wade filled for divorce form his wife of 6 years in 2008. It was than very much specualted that Dwyane Wade girlfriend Gabrielle Union was the reason for their divorce, but Gabrielle has always denied such rumors, saying that they were only friends at that moment and that she only provided him with friendly support while he was making such decision. However, Dwyane Wade ex wife did all she could throughout their lengthy divorce to make his life miserable. Although he paid her generous support every month while they were divorcing ($25.000 monthly, as well as costs of her divorce lawyers!), and accepted to pay her monthly support after they were divorced ($5.000 a month), she bad-mouthed him on very step, saying that she isn’t happy with divorce settlement, saying that he scammed her in divorce and even accusing him and then-girlfriend Gabrielle Union that they started with sexual intercourse in front of their sons. However, court didn’t believe her and judge has finally closed this messy divorce in 2013, finally enabling him and Gabrielle Union to get married after all this time of their courtship. Siohvaughn got monthly support, ownership over home in Chicago and limited visitations to children, as Dwyane got complete custody over their sons in 2011.

Dwyane’s Relationship With Gabrielle Union

Dwyane Tyrone Photos Gabrielle was also married once before getting with Dwyane, but it seems that her previous partner wasn’t as problematic as Dwyane’s ex-wife Siohvaughn. Gabrielle and Dwyane were first friends and then they become lovers. Because they are both very successful (she with her acting career in popular drama Being Mary Jane, and he with his basketball career) they had quite a lot of trouble to spend enough quality time together. That was a reason (at least to Gabrielle’s words) that they broke up for few months at the beginning of 2013. In this period, Dwyane was seeing other woman and this is the reason why another Dwyane Wade baby came to world. Aja Metoyer, is a woman that gave birth to Dwyane’s third son named Xavier. When Dwyane and Gabrielle got back together, he told her about that affair and paternity, and she supported him-and this is when they finally decided to get married. This marriage happened at the end of August this year, marking happy ending for this fairy-tale full of surprising twists.

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Dwyane’s private life sure reminds us of some other wealthy celebrities, such as Hugh Hefner and Jim Carrey, who also got married more than once.