Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery – Is A Fact Explained By The Actress

Who is Lisa Rinna?

Lisa Rinna is famous American actress who is today in her 40s. She didn’t have major roles that would earn her important awards, but she was still consistent on our TV screens as well as in some well-known movies.  Lisa Rinna plastic surgery was after some time of rumors and ongoing talks, discussed by the star herself. This was only logical step as it was quite obvious that her lips are not looking very natural. Even without any past photos before the plastic surgery on lips, it is evident that her lips have been done.

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before And After

This didn’t leave a good mark on her look in general, and as she says, she has decided to correct this youthful mistake. As she explained, she has had lip job in her 20s, because she wanted to have more prominent pout. However, the result wasn’t quite satisfactory and after certain period of time, her lips actually got stiff and she simply wanted to remove silicone from her lips, to feel natural again. Reconstructive surgery in this case was quite successful, and she is now much happier with the look of her lips and face in general.

Lisa Rinna Pictures Lisa Rinna lips were significantly changed due to plastic surgery, and twice. She has acknowledged that change and took the most out of it. As she says, she believes that her enlarged lips helped her career, and she doesn’t actually mind all the ordeal she eventually had to go through-it was her own choice, and she managed to use all this for the best.

Her Plastic Surgery Appearance

Lisa Rinna before plastic surgery looked different and she wasn’t completely happy with her look. Without this cosmetic intervention, she probably wouldn’t achieve as successful career as she did. This is the reason why she is happy with this plastic surgery after all. But it still didn’t affect her decision to remove the silicon from the lips, as it has started to bother her.

Lisa Rinna Photos As mentioned before, Lisa Rinna wasn’t completely happy with her plastic surgery results, and at this point she made very wise decision and decided to annul plastic surgery, and not to go further with cosmetic interventions. Some stars were not as wise as her and decided to have more plastic surgeries to try to “repair” not so well plastic surgery, and went for more and more…and the result turned out disastrous. Such example is Mickey Rourke, who has completely destroyed his personal appearance with plastic surgeries.

Lisa Rinna Photos On the other side, there are stars such as Lisa Rinna who have acknowledged mistake they have made with plastic surgery, and decided to stop with this practice that didn’t do them well. One of stars who have recognized the mistake they made with having botox injections is Nicole Kidman, who has publicly expressed her regret for having this intervention.

It is true that certain cosmetic interventions don’t turn out well, and actually ruin person’s appearance. It is really important to know where your weak points are, to recognize mistakes and to learn from them.

What is your opinion on Lisa Rinna cosmetic interventions and her honest recognition of a mistake she has made with it? Do you think that admitting mistake abolishes person from negative influence she has already made with marketing plastic surgeries? What do you actually think of plastic surgeries-are they ok when person does them for vanity reasons?

Please feel free to share your opinion on some of these dilemmas with us!

Lisa Rinna Measurements

Lisa Rinna Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 86 – 63.5 – 84 cm
  • Bra Size: 34C
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown