Jenny Mccarthy Net Worth

How much is Jenny McCarthy worth:

  • Full Name: Jennifer Ann McCarthy
  • Net Worth: $14 Million
  • Occupation: actress, TV host, writer
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: American

Jenny McCarthy Net Worth

Jenny Mccarthy İs Hot Looking Lady İn Her 40s, But Has Been Popular For Decades Now

Jenny McCarthy became popular back in 1993, when she choose to undress for Playboy-and instantly rose to fame thanks to her sexy body and seductive blondie looks. However, she wasn’t satisfied with a role of sexy blond girl who just has looks and no brains. Very soon she tried herself in a role of TV host, and showed that is quite successful in this role. She hosted MTV show “Singled Out” in 1995 and then got her own shows, first “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and then “Jenny”. She also worked as a host in The View. Besides work on TV Jenny tried in movies, showing in few hits, such as  “Diamonds”, “The Stupids”, “John Tucker Must Die”, “Dirty Love”, “Scream 3″,  “Scary Movie 3″, and in popular TV shows “Two and half men” and “Charmed”.

Jenny McCarthy Pictures Jenny is multitalented lady-she showed us that she is not just actress and TV personality, but also a talented writer. She wrote few popular books on parenting, love and relationships. Few of her books are debating topic of autism, and it is no coincidence. All her writing and talking about autism is caused by the fact that her son Evan is autistic. Jenny caused a lot of controversy for being very loud with her statements that her son became autistic due to vaccines he received as a child. Jenny stated that she has tried any therapy in order to try to help her son, and that finally chelation therapy cured Evan from autism. As it is current medical belief that autism isn’t illness but medical condition, and that there is no cure for it, it is widely believed that her son actually didn’t have autism but some other disorder.

Jenny Mccarthy Love Life – Trials And Errors, And Current Love Success

Jenny McCarthy first famous love partner-and later husband and father of her son Evan was actor/director John Mallory Asher whom she married in September 1999. They divorced in September 2005 and Jenny states that son’s autism was the reason for their brakeup. After Asher, Jenny continued dating famous men. First there was famous comedian and actor Jim Carrey whom she dated for almost 5 years, since December 2005 to April 2010. After this Jenny Mccarthy boyfriend left her, she dated several other men till 2013: Jason Toohey, Paul Krepelk and Brian Urlacher (football player). In 2013 she started a relationship with former singer Donnie Wahlberg, whom she married in 2014.

Did Jenny Mccarthy Improve Her Look With Plastic Surgery?

Jenny McCarthy Photos Jenny Mccarthy plastic surgery is not a rumor, because celebrity admitted to having a few botox injections to slow down aging process. Besides  admitted botox treatment to maintain youthful look, we are confident that she had a boob job when she was younger, in order to achieve bra size necessary for Playboy success. It is definite that plastic surgeries she had have helped her to look excellent. She looks much younger of her 40+ years of age, both with her wrinkle-free face and sexy, curvaceous and fit body. What do you think of Jenny’s plastic surgeries? Did she really need them? Please feel free to share.

Jenny Mccarthy’s talented TV host gigs remind us of some other celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey and Kelly Ripa, who although completely different (when it comes to personality!) still have amazing talent to run successul and popular TV shows. All these three ladies have managed to stay popular thanks to their brains, no matter their good looks.

What do you think of Jenny McCarthy attitude of vaccines, do you agree with her or not? Please feel free to comment bellow.

Jenny McCarthy Body Statistics Measurements

Jenny McCarthy Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 38-24-35
  • Bra Size: 34D
  • Height: 5′ 7”
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue