Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before And After

Hyuna Plastic Surgery – What Is The Truth Behind The Surgery?

Most of her fans believe that the singer-cum-dancer is just too young to have gone through Hyuna plastic surgery. The member of the 4Minute group believes that there is nothing wrong in trying to improve her facial features through surgery. Her decision to undergo plastic surgery is the result of the belief in Korea that nobody can be part of the music industry without going under the knife. In Korea, a celebrity who does not undergo plastic surgery should never expect to see the public buying his or her tickets regardless of the popularity of the songs.

Hyuna Dismisses Rumors Regarding Her Plastic Surgery

Despite the rising rumors regarding the Hyuna plastic surgery that she went through, she insists that she is just as natural as ever. The singer asserts that she has not undergone any surgical procedure to improve her appearance. In fact, Hyuna has gone as far as insisting that none of the members of her group, 4Minute, has done plastic surgery. Kim Hyuna’s fans believe that the change in her appearance is the result of the extensive makeup that she applies. The fans also insist that the change in appearance is the result of her intense weight loss regimen.Hyuna Photos

Hyuna’s before and after photos indicate a significant difference around her eyes. The stark difference appears to point to the fact that she has undergone eyelid surgery recently. The before photos indicate that Hyuna’s eyes are not only much smaller, but also slightly longish. The after photos suggest that Hyuna’s eyes are now more opened up. The recent photos show rounder, bigger and wider eyes. To produce such results, Hyuna must have gone through blepharoplasty, epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. Makeup could not have produced such results.Hyuna Photos

Hyuna’s nose appears to have changed considerably. This has led to the belief that Hyuna went for rhynoplasty to transform the shape of her nose. Back when she was in school, Hyuna had a bulbous nose. Currently, she has a refined and prominent nose. Hyuna has a more feminine nose. In fact, her nose is more pointed than it has ever been. The decision by Hyuna to undergo plastic surgery is not strange. This is because of South Korea’s reputation for being the plastic surgery capital of the world.

Korean Celebrities Who Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

Other Korean celebrities who have undergone similar procedures to Hyuna plastic surgery include Sistar Dasom, Im Ji Hye, Yoo In Na, Park Bom and Daesung to mention a few. The fact that Hyuna has been steadfast in denying rumors of having done plastic surgery to boost her physical appearance could be the result of a strict encouragement from the PR firms of Korean celebrities to never admit to such news. Although Hyuna and other Korean celebrities continue refuting the plastic surgery claims, their before and after photos appear to tell a different story.

Hyuna Pictures

Back when she was much younger, Hyuna never had a V-Shaped jaw line that is famous in Korea. Her recent photos indicate that Hyuna now boasts of a V-Shaped jaw line. For that reason, and many more, it is hard to believe that Hyuna could have seen such massive transformations on her nose, eyes and jaw line purely from makeup and weight loss rather than from Hyuna plastic surgery. Her fans can only wait in hope that one day Hyuna will tell them the truth.

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    So I just encountered this article and theirs no comments so I’ll make this one. Honestly I don’t think she’s ever done any surgery back then and now. I believe her because she seems like the honest type. I may seem like a fan boy but I’m not. You’re reading way too much into this, if theirs any factual evidence at all you can reply and tell me but other than any evidence rather then just looking and comparing please come up with any reports or evidence that she actually got surgery and not just being based on your opinion. This also goes for any other K-Pop idol that has been accused of plastic surgery. Despite the website being called “gossipmagizines” and being that this could very well be just a gossip and rumor. So yeah, to wrap up this long comment to a old article this is just what I think.

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