Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before And After

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery – Why Did He Have Plastic Surgery?

Clay Aiken is not shy to admit that he has had cosmetic surgery done on his face. He admitted having gone through the procedure on a popular American Talk Show. The award-winning singer did not reveal when the surgery was performed through. Clay Aiken plastic surgery rumors filled the internet – and it turned out it was not just rumors. The star has been spending some time going through some cosmetic treatments. That is probably the reason he took a break from his career. Today, His face is noticeably fuller and many thought it was as a result of weight gain as opposed to plastic surgery.

Clay Aiken Pictures But on a closer look, you will see that there is a big difference with his nose as well. There is a possibility he had a nose job performed too. However, unlike other celebrities, Clay Aiken has been very open. He has admitted several times to have had cosmetic procedures performed on him. This is something many people will not be ready to share with other people. However, Clay has never kept her fans guessing whether he has actually had some work done on his body.

He is not alone; there are other celebrities who have been very open about having had cosmetic treatments, such as Botox injections, breast implants, and facelifts. Britney Spears, for example, openly discussed her boob job and other plastic surgery procedures.

Clay Aiken has made it very clear that age or weight gain has nothing to do with his dramatic physical transformation.

So Why Did Clay Aiken Have Plastic Surgery?

Clay Aiken Photos According to Aiken, he went for the surgery since he wanted some extra fat removed from his chin. He needed a surgery not to enhance his image but to get rid of problems he was having with TMJ. TMJ is a type of disorder that often causes pain in the joint that connects the skull and the jaw. But this claim does not sit well with some critics. Upon further inspections, they realized that Aiken had some nose job done as well. Though he has not said anything about the nose job, at least he was courageous enough to actually admit he has had some work done. As said, not all celebrities are willing to speak about this topic publicly.

When confronted with such questions, most celebrities would prefer to remain silent or refute the claims. For example, Cheryl Hines and Christine Baranski denied claims that they did plastic surgery. If the surgery is successful, many celebrities will attribute it to their healthy lifestyles and makeups. After all, everyone wants to look natural.

What Do Critics Have To Say?

As much as Aiken has tried, to be honest, critics seem not to be satisfied with his reason to undergo the treatment. It appears that the TMJ story might be just a cover up. Surgery for TMJ is only meant for serious cases. Plus, there are lots of non-invasive treatment options. Moreover, surgery for TMJ does not normally lead to a noticeable cosmetic change, but Aiken’s chin has been considerably transformed. So, critics think Clay Aiken plastic surgery was primarily performed to enhance his looks.

Clay Aiken Photos

Clay Aiken plastic surgery has changed his appearance a lot. You may not be able to tell who he actually is at the first time because he’s almost unrecognizable. Most of his fans were shocked to discover that the singer had received cosmetic surgery. Even though he got pretty nose and chin, it was extremely shocking for them. Overall, the surgeon did a great job, and it cannot be denied that the former American idol is now prettier than before.

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    Even the before and after pictures are wrong. Switch them and then accept that both pictures were taken years before he had his TMJ procedure in early 2009. See the picture of his swollen jaw with Tyra Banks at the GLAAD media awards that year.

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