Robyn Lawley Measurements

Robyn Lawley Measurements

Robyn Lawley Measurements – And Her Body Silhouette Will Leave Everyone Breathless

Robyn Lawley is an Australian model and she was born in Girraween, New South Wales. She is 24 years old. She was the first plus size model that was on the Australia Cosmopolitan cover, and she also did some shots for GQ Australia and Australian Vogue. She was working with several very remarkable photographers and some of them are Steven Meisel, Greg Kadel and Raphael Mazzucco. Her career starts to bloom after her decision to make a change and switch from straight size to plus size career in modeling. As she stated several times, it was very difficult for her to get a job when she was much bigger than other girls, and she was rejected many times. Robyn Lawley measurements are different that measurements of traditional models.  That is why she changed her mind, and decided to step into the world of plus size modeling. That decision was obviously a great solution for this lovely girl, and she was able to show the world her gorgeous figure. Do you like the confidence of Robyn Lawley about her measurements?

Robyn Lawley Beginnings In Modeling

Robyn Lawley Pictures Robyn Lawley weight is a bit different than a standard weight for regular models. She is also very tall girl, and when she was young, she was starving herself because she was trying to become a model in the traditional modeling world. She stated several times that she was under a huge pressure, because she was not able to get modeling job so easily, and she was bigger than other girls. That is why she was trying to become thinner, she had several diets, and then when she felt tired of all that effort she moved to France. In France, she fell in love with all those gorgeous specialties of French cuisine, and she became bigger than ever before. Her desire to become a model never left her, and then, she saw different editorials of plus size models, and she decided to give it a shot. She visited one of the plus size agencies in Australia, and they took her in. Now, Robyn is one of the most successful plus size models in the whole world. You can see her and her gorgeous feminine body on the covers of different world magazines.

Robyn Lawley – Woman With Curves

Robyn Lawley Photos Robyn stated several times that being a woman with curves today is really hard. There are some standards, and as soon as someone is not fitting in those standards everything can be much harder. She said that today, there is a lot of discrimination present, all around the world, and that some things have to change already. If you look at the fashion shows, you will be able to see very thin teenage girls on the catwalk. Robyn Lawley weight is different, and she discovered that she is earning much less, that some girls in the world of traditional modeling, which of course is not fair. She has to try much harder, and to work much more in order to earn the money and to build her career up. After learning about Robyn Lawley measurements also read about Anna Kendrick measurements

Robyn Lawley Awards

Robyn Lawley Photos Even though Robyn Lawley weight is not so standard for the modeling world, she found a place for her self in the plus size modeling. She became one of the most popular plus size models around the globe, and she showed the world that even though you do not fit the standards you can be beautiful, sexy and stunning. She was awarder several times, and some of the awards are:

  • Winner of the Australian Cosmopolitan fun
  • Rising start award, year 2011.
  • Fearless female

Robyn’s Hobbies

Robyn Lawley Photos Robyn’s career is very successful, and she is a very busy girl. Even though, she always find some free time to be dedicated to some other things she loves such as photography and cooking. She stated that maybe one they, she will be completely dedicated to photography. She is a really huge food fan, and she loves to cook. She even started her cooking blog called Robyn Lawley eats. There, you can find delicious recipes and you can see photos of delicious meals that Robyn prepared.

Do you think that Robyn Lawley should go through slimming process to reduce her measurements?

Robyn Lawley Body Statistics:

  • Robyn Lawley Measurements.Measurements: 102 – 81 – 107
  • Bra Size: 36D
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 82 kg
  • Shoe Size: unknown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue/Green

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