Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Hugh Hefner Net Worth

How much is Hugh Hefner worth:

  • Full Name: Hugh Hefner
  • Occupation: entrepreneur
  • Net Worth: $43 Million
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: American

Hugh Hefner Net Worth – Has Been Earned Thanks To Male Love Of Pretty Female Body

Hugh Hefner Pictures Hugh Hefner net worth was higher than $200 million when Playboy was at the peak of its business success. However, Playboy is just like any other company, having its ups and downs. Additionally, Hugh’s net worth was also affected with his lavishing lifestyle: partying and romantic life with Playboy beautiful ladies. It is well known and very popular that Hugh has always had few Playboy beauties at his hand to enjoy with. Net worth of Hugh Hefner is very much affected with all the costs that he has just like any other man. For example, Playboy beautiful mansion, where all these amazing parties happen, is not Hugh’s property, but property of his company-and he has to pay a monthly rent to live in it (that is over $50.000 a month!). Costs of daily life that involve food, service and maintenance reach almost $100.000-and this doesn’t involve costs for his children’s education that is around $10.000. So, it is no wonder that net worth Hugh Hefner had isn’t as high as it used to be a decade or so ago.

Hugh Hefner And Beautiful Girls Of Playboy – How Does He Do It?

Hugh Hefner Photos Many have wondered what is Hugh Hefner net worth while has developing Playboy from its modest start, and what some called pornographic character, to sophisticated and eloquent magazine that was both read and looked at. Many men have grew up with Palyboy mates and Playboy is a culture of its own, both in the USA and all over the world. So, how much is Hugh Hefner worth? While at its best Playboy made Hugh worth $200 million, now is that just a fifth of this value. However, since Hugh had a minor stroke in 1980s, he decided to slow down a bit and devote his life to pleasure and relaxation, and has been spending time with his beautiful Playboy ladies ever since. Playboy is paying him monthly salary just above $100.000 a month, so with dividends and several other sources of income, he comes to double that amount every month. However, considering high costs of life in Playboy mansion with numerous ladies, it is no wonder that he has less and less money. But this doesn’t stop him to live sweet life!

Well, just recently he got married to his third wife, Crystal who is 60 years his junior. Marriage has never been much of a big deal for Hugh, and he was always involved with several Playboy girls at once, ranging from 2-3 up to 7-8.

Why Does Hugh Hefner Love Blondes?

Hugh Hefner Photos All of the Hugh Hefner girlfriend, with the exception of his first wife (who was brunette) have been blondes, and this means addiction to blonde ladis for almost entire life. Hugh says that he has been in his “blonde phase” ever since he broke up with his lady love, and that he hasn’t left that phase since. Although his last wife, Crystal, recently dyed her hair brunette, it seems that Hugh wasn’t too thrilled about it. All the other girlfriends in his life have followed blonde pattern, that included blonde hair, voluptuous body and sparkly personality.

Now, since Hugh has been married few times, we all wonder about Hugh’s family. Hugh Hefner children include four of them: Cooper, Marston, Christie and David Hefner. All of them have their own families and lead their own life. Actually, last two lived next door to Playboy mansion when Hugh and their mother divorced. What a strange living arrangement, don’t you think? Please feel free to comment about this and other interesting details about Hugh’s life.

Hugh Hefner Body Statistics MeasurementsNot many wealthy celebrities can compare their lifestyle to Hugh’s, except for maybe Gene Simmons of Kiss, who said that he slept with almost 5000 women during his years of fame and glory. On the other side, Dwyane Wade is a wealthy celebrity, but he has never led promiscuous lifestyle like these other two guys!