Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Net Worth

How much is Mike Tyson net worth :

  • Full Name: Michael Gerald Tyson
  • Net Worth:$ 1 Million
  • Occupation: Former American Boxer
  • Marital Status: Married to Lakiha Spicer since 2009
  • Ethnicity: Black American

Mike Tyson Net Worth – How Much İs The Former Boxer Worth 

Mike Tyson PicturesMike Tyson net worth is about $1 million. It is very unfortunate even after winning all the awards he got in the ring, he had nothing  more to take home. He was known widely as the top America Boxer of all time. Besides , he had one striking feature, Mike Tyson face tattoo. It became his brand as he competed in several tournaments. However, some of his critics thought it was crazy and weird to have such as a design on ones face. That aside what could be the worth of Mike Tyson. By understanding where he came from until he landed in his predicament may help you get his present net worth.

What is the net worth of Mike Tyson? Starting his boxing career at a tender age, retired boxer Mike Tyson, was the youngest boxer to ever win the WBA, WBC and IBF titles in the heavy weight caategory. By then, he was only 20 years.He is known for his tactics and aggression in the court and sometimes outside it. You could be justified to say that he is a walking weapon.

He made his first money in boxing back in 1986, when he won the WBC heavy weight title. In the following year, he was able to crunch the  World Boxing Association champion. It is this championship that gave him the nickname “Iron Mike”. After this nobody could defeat him and he dominated the world of boxing. He became a popular name to the youth and boxing lovers. Some even ended up with their own simile “ As strong as Tyson”.

The Start Of Mike Tyson’s Downfall           

He defeated the undisputed Michael  Spinks  for 91 seconds and pocketed a whopping figure of  $20 million.  He remained undefeated for some time until 1990, when Buster , James Douglas, knocked him out. After this he started making headlines for all the wrong reasons. His mariage with Robin Givens, went through a serious battle of divorce.

He was later charged with rape accounts in 1992 and jailed for three years. Remember during all these years he was in prison and battling with a divorce, he was not participating in boxing and was his main breadwinner.  After prison, he decided to go back to the ring since his memory was still fresh in the minds of boxing fans. However, this was shortlived after he ruthlessly bit the ear of Evander Holyfield in a match in 1997. This got him to jail for a second time, this time for assault charges.

Mike Tyson seemed to have lost his control over his aggressive behavior. Even before, the authorities and his critics could forget what had happened in the last scenario, he bit his opponent’s leg, when they were launching a fight. What was even more annoying, is that he did this , during a press conference. Hence, the media did not need to make the story  juicer since, they had a first hand experience.The fight went on anyway and Lennox was able to knock out Tyson, in the eighth round.

Mike Tyson PhotosMost of his fans thought that he was just a confused youth, who had gone against the odds to get to the top and could not take it , to lose his undisputable fame. On the other hand, critics think that he showered down the good faith that most people had in boxing. After his longtime in jail, Tyson was not able to win any other match. That is why, in 2005 when he was defeated in the seventh round by Kevin McBride a heavy weight, he was convinced that he had lost his vigor for the game. He was reported saying that he might not be participating anymore in boxing tournaments.

Alll the aforementioned predicaments might have led to the low figure of Mike Tyson net worth. In addition, Mike Tyson wife also took a substantial amount of his wealth. While her collection could not be blamed for Mike’s financial problems, it played a great role, since from the time of the divorce, he changed in a negative way.

How much is Mike Tyson worth? Mike Tyson won lots of awards when he was starting his boxing career. However, it seems that he used the wealth lavishly, only to retire a destitute. It is quite a bad situation. However, he will remain famous for his wins  and Mike Tyson tattoo. If you thought he is regretting, you are wrong, he says he is happy with Lakiha and his other children.

Mike Tyson Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 34-16-43Mike Tyson Body Statistics Measurements
  • Height: 5’11” or 180cm
  • Weight: 218 pounds or 99kg
  • Shoe Size: 15
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Eye Color: Brown