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Blake Lively Plastic Surgery – Was Very Successful

Blake Lively is an actress from the United States. She was born in Tarzana, Los Angeles. She became popular world wide after her role in the CW TV show Gossip Girl, where she played Serena van der Woodsen. She also appeared in several movies such as Savages, The Sisterhood of the traveling pants, The Town, The private lives of Pippa Lee.

Her very successful career started when she was only 11 years old. At that time she appeared in the movie Sandman, directed by her father. She always was a very attractive girl, with beautiful hair and an exceptional figure. Since the moment she became popular, Blake was the center of media attention because of her love life. She was dating her co-worker and on-screen boyfriend Penn Badgley. When she was working on the movie called Green Lantern, she met Ryan Reynolds and they fell for each other. He was married to actress Scarlet Johanson, but they divorced, and in 2012. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married. They now live in Bedford, New York. Once again, Blake Lively’s plastic surgery procedures put her in the center of media attention, because everyone noticed that her face was different and that she looked better then ever.

Blake Lively Changed Her Looks With the Help Of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Blake Lively Photos

You don’t have to be a plastic surgery expert to notice the difference on this lovely actress. If you take a closer look at Blake Lively’s before and after plastic surgery videos or photos, you will notice some differences. She has done two plastic surgeries:

  • Nose job
  • Breast augmentation

Blake Lively Pictures If you look at Blake Lively’s before plastic surgery photos, you will notice that her nose was completely different. Her nose used to be quite big, but now it is much smaller and it is also much narrower. Blake Lively nose job really improved her looks, and her face is even prettier now, because everything on her seems just perfect. Before these procedures her breasts were also different. She did not have breasts like today, which means that Blake Lively’s  boob job was also a good call, because her boobs are not too big, and their shape is perfect. Procedures improved her looks, and she is even prettier and more self confident now.

Blake Lively A Self Confident And Attractive Young Woman

Blake Lively Photos As soon as rumors about Blake’s plastic surgery procedures started, most people were wondering why this already so beautiful girl would want to change anything on herself. As any other girl, Blake was not too happy about the size and shape of her nose, and she wanted to change that. Above all, celebrity nose jobs had become the norm, and Blake’s nose job is one of the best ever done in Hollywood. Her face stayed the same, but her nose fits her face better than ever, it is simply more suitable. When it comes to her boobs, she used to have really small breasts, and she probably felt frustrated about that. She did not oversize them, she once again picked the best possible solution for her silhouette and body shape. Yes, you can notice that she has breast implants, but only because of their shape, not because of their size. Because she is a really young woman, many people think that those procedures were not necessary. On the other hand, if the job is done well, like in her case, why not? It was nothing too excessive, her face is still the same, and her figure is as good as ever. She did not ruin her looks, she really just improved them. For some, she looked cuter before the plastic surgery procedures, and for some she looks better now. She is not the only example of a young woman who decided to go under the knife, because some of her colleagues also did the same thing, for example Megan Fox and Naya Rivera.

Blake Lively Measurements

They also did a great job, and if something is done perfectly, then there is no harm in it. Blake Lively for sure seems more self confident than ever, and she really should feel that way. She is gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She improved her looks in the best possible way with two simple plastic surgery procedures.

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    I think Blake Lively always looks beauitful. I can see that her nose looks different but better. Her look has been improved by the plastic surgeries.

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