Lisa Kudrow Net Worth

Lisa Kudrow Net Worth

How much is Lisa Kudrow worth:

  • Full Name: Lisa Valerie Kudrow
  • Net Worth: $60 Million
  • Occupation: Actress/Comedian/Producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Lisa Kudrow Net Worth -The Amount Is Wealthy That Is Growing With Time

Born in 1963 in Los Angeles, California this American actress is the daughter of Nedra Sand and Dr. Lee N. Kudrow. Lisa Kudrow’s father was a headache specialist while her mother was a travel agent. She is very stylish since her childhood only and the nose surgery at age of 16 strongly prove it. She persuaded her parents and went under the surgery. Might be this surgery is one of the result of Lisa Kudrow net worth. She is the youngest of her parent’s three children. She did her graduation from Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles and received the degree in biology from Vassar College. Her intension was to join her father’s research team and she worked with her father for long eight years.

Career And Personal Life

Lisa Kudrow Pictures Lisa Kudrow started her comedian career first by joining the team of ‘Groundling’. Soon she joined with Conan O Brien in the short-lived improvisation theatre troupe Unexpected Company. Lisa has stated that she was inspired by the great comedian Conan O’Brien to come into the acting career. She is not ashamed to say that she once dated this comedian but very soon both of them discovered that they are good as friends as their chemistry was less than romantic. So you can say that Conan O’Brien was Lisa Kudrow boyfriend only for few days. In 1994, Lisa was casted in a television series named ‘Friends’ where she played the character of Phoebe Buffay. This series started in 1994 and went for long 10 years. It was a great hit which helped her to bag many awards such as Screen Actors Guild Award and Emmy Award. During this series Lisa Kudrow net worth started rising eventually. She started this show for $22.5 thousands per episode which was doubled in the second season and finally the amount reached to $750 thousands. Lisa Kudrow is the writer and producer of a television series ‘The comeback’ that she started in 2005 but unfortunately it was cancelled after the first season only.

In 2010-2012 Lisa was again nominated for Emmy after producing ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, the documentary series. Currently this American comedian is starring in the television series ‘Web Therapy’. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Marci X, Analyze This and Hanging Up are some hit movies in which she was shown in the comic role.Phtos

Lisa Kudrow Photos

Kudrow was married with Michel Stern in 1995 and this couple has a son Julian Murray who was born in 1998. Her husband is a French Advertising executive.

Lisa Kudrow Photos Recently Lisa Kudrow did not get inked any tattoo on her body but she got two tattoos inked in 2010. Both the Lisa kudrow tattoos were so small that anyone can hardly see it, one at the right foot and another at the right hand. The tattoos looks like cross or dagger.

She has been seen with her fellow comedian in many shows and Arsenio Hall show is one of that where she was invited and present with other comedians in the first week of the premier show.

Lisa Kudrow net worth is not constant and it is rising with time, so one day the amount can reach to the peak and she might be the highest paid comedian in the world.