Steven Tyler Net Worth

Steven Tyler Net Worth

How much is Steven Tyler worth:

  • Full Name: Steven Victor Tallarico
  • Net Worth: $130 Million
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian


Steven Tyler Net Worth – How Much Does The Legendary Rocker Earned?

Steven Tyler net worth is $130 million according to the latest reports. He was the lead singer of very successful band Aerosmith. His band sold millions of record worldwide. Steven Tyler is also known for his energetic performances on stage.

Early Life

Steven Tyler was born on 26th March, 1948 in NYC. His father was Italian and mother was Polish. Steven grew up with an older sister named Lynda.

Steven Tyler Pİctures

Tyler attended a prestigious high school but he was never too interested in studies. He loved listening to music and writing songs. He wanted to do something with music.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone had the biggest contribution in Steven Tyler net worth of $130 million. Steven used to attend a lot of rock concerts as music is the only thing that made him happy. In one of those concerts he met Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry. Joe and Tom were already part of a band. Steven bonded with the guys over their common passion of music. All three of them wanted to play music for their lives and they were determined that this will be their profession. They wanted things to happen very soon. Steven told them that he want to be the lead singer of the group. They found another two guys to play drums and all of them moved to Boston for better opportunities. They named their band Aerosmith, many people still see Steven as the owner of the band.

The band started writing their songs. Steven actually wrote one of the biggest hits of the band “Dream On” much before he started the band. The band was very quickly signed up the Columbia records. They started recording one hit after another. Steven Tyler became one of the biggest music icons of that time along with Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Robert Plant and many other greats. Steven Tyler’s bohemian style during his stage performances made him even more popular.

After couple of years like every other bands in history Aerosmith too broke up but Steven Tyler as a solo artist continued to shine and he is still doing a lot of tours every year.

Personal Life

There is no denying that one cannot miss Steven Taylor Tattoo when they look at him. This makes him look sexier. He totally lived the life of a rockstar be it with his appearance or his personal life.

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In 1975 Steven Tyler girlfriend Julia Holcomb was just 16, Steven convinced her parents to allow her to move in with him. They did, but Julia later told that this was the biggest mistake of her life. She told an interviewer that she saw Steven taking drugs and she was not even an adult then.

Steven Tyler was married twice but both the time his marriage ended in divorce. He has 4 children. His daughter Liv Tyler is a famous actress now.

Since he lives the true life of a rockstar his car had to be perfect for his lifestyle too. Hennessey Venom GT Spyder is the most seen Steven Tyler car these days. The design of the car goes well with his image.

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Steven Tyler is one of the greats; his personal choices may be questionable but no one can deny that he is very talented. Steven Tyler net worth is still growing as he is touring around the world.