Muhammad Ali Net Worth

Muhammad Ali Net Worth

How much is Muhammad Ali worth:

  • Full Name: Muhammed Ali Klay
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Professional Boxer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African American


Muhammad Ali Net Worth – The Secret Behind The Success

Muhammad Ali’s Career

He is the world-renowned boxing icon that beat Liston to grab the World Heavy Weight boxing champion’s title at the tender age of twenty two years.  Though he was born and raised a Christian, Muhammad Ali later took on Islam as his religion.

A boxing coach by the name Fred Stoner who noticed him at this early age, helped to transform him into the star that he later became. As a young athlete under this coach, Muhammad Ali won several competitions locally and nationally. However, the gold medal he won as the light heavyweight champion during the 1960 summer Olympic Games in Rome where he represented his country, was the most outstanding win then. Following this feat, he gave more diligence to the game, and with more involvement in boxing, he defeated all his opponents and remained unbeaten for a whole three years.  He managed to win numerous competitions as an amateur and this continued to add to his total net worth.

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With time he gained more experience and became more successful. Throughout his entire boxing career, Muhammad Ali, who is ranked among the richest boxers, hardly lost any fight and most of his competitions ended as knock outs. This performance not only improved his popularity but also increased his net worth to the rank of top celebrities.

Muhammad Ali’s Personal Life

He was born in 1942 as the first of two siblings in a humble family of Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr., a billboard painter and Odessa Clay, a housewife in Louisville Kentucky, USA, Muhammad Ali, was raised by his parents together with his younger brother Rudolph who also tried his hand at boxing but never went far. Prompted by the loss of his bike that was stolen by another boy, Muhammad Ali began practicing boxing as 12 year old teenager and although he did this as a way of defending himself, it subsequently led to the growth of his net worth especially after he got more involved in sports.

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The secret behind his success was partly his towering height and physic as well as his speed while in the fighting ring. These skills enabled him to protect himself against his opponents and made him a difficult nut for competitors to crack. His love for the game made him unique among his competitors and he has once been honored by the BBC as the Sportsman of the Century.

Married four times, the boxer has seven daughters and two sons and is currently married to Yolanda Williams for over twenty years.

Muhammad Ali’s Contributions To The Society

With his total net worth placed at $80 million, Muhammad Ali has also positively impacted the lives of many other people.  He is reported to be actively involved in social worker to help the less fortunate in society, the world over. He has occasionally been involved personally distributing commodities and food to needy people in Asia, Africa and parts of America and has also served with the UN as a peace maker. Besides his undying love for the game whose course he still supports, there are several charities that also draw from his support. They include the $60 million, non-profit -making centre named after him that was established in 1977. Other charities include: the Ali Care Program; Muhammad Ali’s Athletes for Hope; MuhaBeat Bullying and Celebrity Fight Night Foundationmmad Ali’s , among others.

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In 1984, Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinsonism which has rendered him voiceless and unable to drive but is generally still active. Given his record of achievements, history may remember him as the greatest heavyweight champion ever.