Catwoman Plastic Surgery

Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before And After

Catwoman Plastic Surgery – That Completely Ruined Her Looks

Jocelyn Wildenstein also known as a catwoman, is socialite who lives in New York City. She was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and she is 73 years old. She was married to Alec Wildenstein, and after their divorce she got a huge amount of money to spend. Rumors were circling that once, only her telephone bill for one year was $60, and food cost her $550,000.

For years, she is in center of media attentions, because of all those Catwoman plastic surgery procedures that she’s done over the decades. It is sometimes very hard to describe what this woman did to her self and her looks. It is unbelievable.

Catwoman Pictures How Jocelyn Wildenstein Started With All Those Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery Catwoman history is pretty long. Jocelyn stated that she started with all those cat look alike procedures in order to please her husband who was a huge lover of big casts. She also loves big cats. When she went to the plastic surgeon for the first time, she said that she wants to look like a cat from France. After some period of time, you can see that situation went in the wrong directions, and that this woman completely ruined her looks. She does not even look like a woman anymore. Rumors about her plastic procedures are crazy, and she was always in center of attention for that. She spent over $4,000,000 on these procedures, and she only succeeded in one thing – she completely ruined her self.

The List Of Plastic Surgery Procedures Preformed On Jocelyn Wildenstein

When it comes to Cat lady plastic surgery procedures, it is hard to name every procedure that this woman done. If you take a look at her photos, you will probably be shocked as everybody. If you want to see a list of procedures that she has done, you can practically imagine any possible plastic procedure – she probably done every single one. Obvious procedures are:

This is just the list of the apparent procedures. No one really knows what else can be added to this list, but if you think that she spent over 4 million dollars only on plastic surgery procedures, the list is probably way longer.

Transformation Of The Face

Catwoman Photos She started with all these procedures in order to please her husband, but when you see when she ended up, it is really one sad story. People around the globe consider Jocelyn Wildenstein to be one of the scariest women alive. When you see her pictures when she was young woman, without plastic surgeries, she really was simple, natural and beautiful woman. But now, she really looks scary. Her face is nothing like a face of a normal woman in her seventies. The shape of the face, the size of her lips, position of her eyes and brows, everything is more than strange. It really is ugly. She stated several times that she is not still satisfied with her looks, and that she will try to improve it even more. Improvement in her case may cause her to look even worse.

Plastic Surgery That Really Went Wrong

Catwoman MeasurementsYou can see many different plastic surgeries that have gone wrong, especially in Hollywood, but truth to be told, Catwoman plastic surgery for sure is one of the worst procedures ever. You can find pictures of Jocelyn before she started to change her looks, and you have to wonder what she thinks about it all. Her road was from a beautiful woman to a walking disaster. It is hard to believe that she actually likes what she sees in the mirror, because that is scary on so many levels. Maybe the reason for all that is all the wealth and maybe she was bored, so she decided to ruin her self. There is no other explanation for something like this. There are also many other examples of people who ruined their looks, like Michaela Romanini (socialite from Italy), Donatella Versace or Pete Burns. All of them are very similar to Jocelyn Wildenstein because the results of their plastic procedures were also disasters.

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