Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After

Mary Tyler Moore’s Plastic Surgery – Another Star Unprepared To Accept Growing Old

Mary Tyler Moore’s Surgeries – Did She Make The Right Choice?

Mary Tyler Moore is another celebrity that has obviously turned to surgical procedures as a tool to slow down the process of aging-and this didn’t turn out to be one of the best choices she’s made. Mary Tyler Moore’s plastic surgery makes her look quite unnatural, her facial expression is stiff and her skin is too smooth to look natural. Lack of wrinkles at her age makes her facial skin look stretched and almost mask-like.


Mary Tyler Moore Pictures

Mary Tyler Moore is a woman in her 70s and no one would expect her to have wrinkle-free skin. However, she has obviously felt the need to look way younger than her actual age, in order to feel a part of Hollywood society, ruled by young and beautiful men and women. Beauty trends in Hollywood simply impose the trend of never-aging, perfect beauty, and whoever doesn’t follow the trend, is not part of the group. It seems, though, that everyone in Hollywood wants to be the part of the group and look perfect, young and beautiful, despite their actual age.

Mary Tyler Moore’s Surgeries – What Did She Do?

Mary Tyler Moore PhotosWhen we look at Mary Tyler Moore’s plastic surgery before and after photos, it is evident that she has had several botox injecting procedures, facelift and blepharoplasty, or eyelid lifting. This procedure is performed to lift up sagging eyelids that have “falling” tendencies due to loss of skin tone as a woman gets older. Mary Tyler Moore has obviously injected botox into her forehead and smiling lines around her lips in order to smoothen all the wrinkles and to rejuvenate her skin. Additionally, it seems that Mary Tyler Moore also couldn’t resist the temptation to perfect her nose when she was in the hands of her surgeon. Her nose now looks very straight and perfect, which is only a bit different from what it looked like before surgery that was completely unnecessary, considering that her nose wasn’t broken nor did she have a deviated septum.

Consequences Of Mary Tyler Moore’s Plastic Surgery

Mary Tyler Moore Photos

Mary Tyler Moore certainly didn’t make her face look better with all the surgeries she had. Actually, the consequences are quite negative. Face-lifting and botox have made her skin very smooth and wrinkle-free, but her facial expression is frozen and she looks like she is wearing a mask. The fillers she has put into her cheeks make her face look ridiculously swollen, like she has been stung by bees. She has definitely gone overboard with cheek fillers.

She just wanted to remain looking young and fresh, and this didn’t turn out well. She looks very strange and unnatural, and this was definitely not the result she wanted to achieve.

She started with plastic surgeries more than 2 decades ago, and this sequence of interventions on her face certainly didn’t give good results. She is now in her 70s and is probably regretting having as many surgeries as she had-though she has never admitted to having any. However, it is evident from her face that she has had a lot of surgeries, with not such a positive result after all.

The thing about plastic surgeries is knowing when to stop, and this is something that Mary Tyler Moore obviously couldn’t do. It seems as if she became addicted to plastic surgeries as a way of intervention to make her look younger. However, she obviously has the type of skin that surgical interventions don’t do well on, and so has not had such a positive effect.

Mary Tyler Moore MeasurementsMary Tyler Moore Body Statistics:

  • Measurements:  36-28-36
  • Bra Size: 36C
  • Height: 5″ 7′
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Dress Size: 7
  • Hair Color: dark-brown
  • Eye Color: dark-brown

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