Lil Wayne Net Worth

How much is Lil Wayne worth:

  • Full Name: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
  • Net Worth: $135 Million
  • Occupation: actor, singer, producer, composer
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: Afro American

Lil Wayne Net Worth

Lil Wayne Net Worth – Find Out How The Guy Survives In Music Industry That Makes Him Rich!

Lil Wayne net worth might not make him the richest guy on earth nor be like Donald Trump, but in music industry and Hollywood movies, he is the man. As an American rapper, he has produced his own records and help other singers wrote their hit songs. Worth more than $135 million, Lil Wayne is also called Weezy F. This New Orleans gem was born with an aspiring career. How much is Lil Wayne worthAt her 15 years of age, Lil Wayne managed to make money with Cash Money records – singing with his rap group, the Hot Boys. Soon after that, he made a debut solo album entitled the Block is Hot. It made to the top chart and he got himself double platinum awards.

Net Worth Of Lil Wayne – How He Makes Money Out Of Singing Career And Others

Lil Wayne pictures Lil Wayne’s net worth has been recorded by magazines like Forbes and times. He often created controversies but that did not diminish his role in the industry. In fact, he continues to strives with his career on top. His lyrical style is adored by rap lovers and soon enough, he became the Cash Money Records CEO. He also established Young Money Entertainment that works in the industry as well.

Lil Wayne and Jay Z photosIn 2008, Lil Wayne launched his 6th album, The Carter III. He has 8 Grammy Nominees and 4 trophies to bring home. He was with the most items to take home. Lil Wayne also created his Rock Album and managed to be on MTV top chart. He worked with talented Jay Z. Lil Wayne also filmed his documentary movie Tha Carter and it was featured in the Sundance Fest.

Lil Wayne And The Thousands Musicians He Has Worked With

Lil Wayne and Chris Brown photos If you want to know with whom he has worked with, you can list pages by pages from Chris Brown to Akon. He has been working with some of the world’s best rapper and he even calls himself self destructive. Whatever it is, he is acknowledged in rap field by his fellows. In American music industry, he is like the staple and will definitely remain in the history for his records.

Lil Wayne money picturesFrom his record albums, he has received nominations and awards so far. He collected those achievements up till now and surely he does not back down. The net worth Lil Wayne according to Forbes, has been a lucrative this year around. The Carter IV itself has made to the peak chart and he is one of the wealthiest rapper in the industry farther up than Jay Z who has fallen down a few notch. As one of the highest paid hip hop rapper in the whole wide world, it is a rough year for him as many controversies arise. It looks like his career might be back down but the truth is, he even adds more of $46 million in the 2013. He leads against the competition so far.

Lil Wayne’s fortune can be compared to other celebs like Chris Brown and also Eminem. These two are sometimes ahead the competition and sometimes they are way behind Lil Wayne. But Lil wayne cooks up some fortune from his chain burger restaurants and also football team’s Vodka brand after his name.

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