Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery before and after

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery – The Rapper Has Totally Changed Her Looks With Numerous Surgeries

How Much Did Lil Kim Change Because Of Surgical Interventions?

When you look at Lil Kim’s before and after plastic surgery photos, it is obvious that she has had quite a few interventions that have gone wrong and changed her look for the worse. Lil Kim’s plastic surgeries are beauty interventions gone wrong. Lil Kim used to look hot and sexy, but now her look is actually quite scary. Wendy Williams hinted that Lil Kim and La Toya Jackson have the same surgeon, when you look at their faces, and it is indeed evident that some of their facial features are quite resemblant. This is particularly evident when it comes to their pointy, unnatural looking noses and sharp cheekbones. Additionally, Lil Kim has significantly lighter skin tone, which is another strange resemblance with the Jackson family’s surgical interventions.

Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgeries Are the Only Reason For Her Appearance In Newspapers These Days

Lil Kim pictures

Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgery pics are something that amuses us now that she’s not giving us as much music news, or many new singles or albums as she used to. Lil Kim was a very productive artist and very active back in the 1990s, even with all the negative drama concerning her false testimony in court that got her in jail. She left jail even more popular, but this fame didn’t last long, and this was probably one of the most important reasons to turn to surgery in order to improve her looks before trying another big breakthrough. These days, her performances are not as frequent as in the 1990s, and there are also no new music videos, which is no wonder as her marketing experts probably know that this look doesn’t compliment her. Even though her publicist states that any info about Lil Kim’s surgeries is untrue, it is evident that her look has changed dramatically, and that this hasn’t happened naturally. When we compare her pictures from a decade or two ago with present day photos, it is very clear that she has had a lot of plastic surgeries, especially regarding facial interventions.

Another Korean star’s new chin has started rumors among her fans. 2NE1’s Park Bom shows a slightly different look that is not all natural. The cosmetic surgery is an industry that never runs out of patients in Korea. People from their early teens go to surgeons to receive their gifts of artificial beauty. Adding eyelid and making narrow nose bridges are common things in Korea.

Lil Kim photosLil Kim’s before plastic surgery photos are showing us just how much her look has changed due to numerous surgical interventions. She has led a very volatile and intensive lifestyle, and then made a bad choice to improve her look surgically. It might have gone well ihad she gone for some moderate alterations, like some botox to remove first wrinkles that naturally start to appear in one’s 30s, but she chose to visibly change her look, and this didn’t turn out well. Lil Kim Lil Kim has made some bad life choices, and surgical interventions are definitely one of those. Her looks these days is quite unnatural, very plastic and medical. Her skin is too pale for her origin, which is probably one of the reasons why her face looks swollen and ill. When you look at Lil Kim’s before and after photos, it is evident that another downside to these many surgical interventions is a stiff facial expression. Lil Kim can barely smile, and even when she does, her smile looks very unnatural and frozen, almost like a robot. Lil Kim’s look is different and not in a positive way, and she is one of the clear examples of just how bad an effect surgery can have on the personal appearance if a celebrity chooses to have too many of them. When it comes to surgeries, less is always more, if you know what we mean. In the case of Lil Kim, she should have stopped with surgeries a while back.

Lil Kim Body measurements

Lil Kim Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 36-27-37
  • Bra size: 36C
  • Height: 4′ 11″
  • Weight: 120
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Dress size: n/a
  • Hair Color: light brown
  • Eye Color: dark brown


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  1. Caroline Keagan

    I think Lil Kim is a good singer but her plastic surgeries are definetly on the list of bad surgeries. Her face looks fake because of her plastic sugeries and botox. She is just like Park Bom. both of them look unnatural.

  2. BuffaloMan

    Just saw Lil Kim on Dancing with the Stars. She looks horrible. She should have never put her face under the knife. Plastic surgery is not the answer to getting older.

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