Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery – Did Not Improve Her Looks
Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Before And After

Lark Voorhies is an actress from the United States and she is best know for her role when playing Lisa Turtle in TV show called Saved by the Bell. For that role, Lark won several awards. She also is a model, singer and writer. In the last few years, she was not so present in media, and her mother stated that Lark had some mental issues. Lark Voorhies plastic surgery bring her back into the limelight, because she now looks completely different.


Plastic Procedures Done On Lark Voorhies

While playing Lisa Turtle in Saved by the bell, Lark was an adorable and charming teenage girl. After the show was over, she was a model in several music videos, and she was stunning and sexy. Than, she disappeared from a public scene for a while, and she came back, her looks was drastically changed. She is forty years old now, but that is not the reason why she looks so different, the reason for that change is plastic procedures performed on her. Those procedures are only rumors, but if you look at her photos and videos you will be able to see the difference that can be only a result of plastic surgeries. Possible procedures done on Lark Voorhies are:

Lark Voorhies Pictures

  • Nose job
  • Botox injections
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Filler injections

Her nose is different than before, and with botox injections she does not have any wrinkles on her face, and her skin is smooth. When it comes to her eyes, they are a bit pulled, which means that she had eye lift. Her entire face is different now, and it looks kind of puffy possible because she had filler injections. When she appeared as a guess in one TV show, people thought that she also had skin lightening, but no one was 100 % sure about that, because that can be a result of a plastic procedure, or simply a work of really inexperienced make-up artist. Lark Later stated that it was a huge mistake of make-up artist.

Some facts are there – Lisa Voorhies looks is changed completely. Her cute face somehow disappeared. That is not the face of that charming girl that every single person used to love.  When you look at Lark Voorhies plastic surgery pictures, you will probably be shocked as the rest of the people around the world. It is not the same face any more, and that is always so sad too see.
Lark Voorhies plastic surgery obviously was not perfect, it is far from that. And if you think about it, you could not help but wonder why she decided to take all those procedures. She is only 40 years old, she is still young and she for sure was beautiful. Few botox injections would to the trick with wrinkles, but the rest of it was unnecessary. People who decide to boost their looks with help of plastic surgeries obviously do not think about the fact that those procedures are irreversible. What is done is done, and after those procedures there is no turning back. Many stars regret having surgical interventions-this is the case of Cameron Diaz who admitts to having botox, and regrets doing it.Lark Voorhies Photos

Lark Voorhies Life After Saved By The Bell

In last few years, Lark’s mother said several times that her daughter is bipolar, and that she has some serious mental issues. Lark gave several interviews and she stated that she is perfectly fine. As a writer, it was so strange to see some of her books filled with commas – looked like some kind of obsession. Some of her colleagues also said that she is not fine, and that you can often see her starting at one spot ignoring the rest of the world around. Her fans are very worried about this charming lady, and they all hope that she will be fine, even though she stated several times that she does not understand why people talk about her mental issue when she has none. Her mental condition will remain a mystery that is the fact, but when you take a look at her interviews,you can see she seems a bit confused and her statements are not too clear and reasonable, which is why people are more convinced that she is not doing so well. Her looks is drastically changed as the result of several surgeries she had, and everyone hopers that Lark Voorhies plastic surgery is a closed chapter now.

What do you think about Lark’s many surgeries? Were they successful interventions or not?

14 thoughts on “Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery

  1. Jenna Evans

    What happened to her face?! she doesn’t look natural at all. Her plastic surgeries didn’t improve her look.

  2. William Sanchez

    First of all, I would just like to add that who ever wrote this article needs some grammar and spelling training. As for Lark, I feel bad for her. This obvious looks like a mental issue since there was no reason for someone as beautiful as she is to go for surgery.

  3. Acetate909

    So sad how few people realize these sites are all just random assholes making shit up, zero info and even less intelligence. You’d think the lack of coherence would be a little bit of a warning but no…the average human is apparently gullible enough to believe some idiot’s celebrity rants. The saddest part is the amount of time spent making this atrocity of a website, I can’t imagine a bigger waste of humanity.

  4. mickey

    Well thisis the price you pay for being self conscious. Sadthat people would take the easy route (cosmetic surgery), than the easy route (exercise and natural activities). Love the inside you, because the outside you can be disfigured and fade, but the inside is the true you.

  5. Helen Adair

    Lark Voorhees didn’t need any surgery, I believe these people are so obsessed with their looks they think they need to perfect what is not wrong, so sad.

  6. Acetate909

    You’re an idiot if you believe this moronic ass website….this is all some tool’s basement musings on people he has zero info about, pure speculation from some ass face with a broadband connection

  7. Helen Adair

    I’m not an idiot you don’t even know me, plus this statement only means if she changed herself and how people perfect what is not wrong it is sad if any person changes what they percieve what is not wrong, I simply left out some words, so you prejudged someone yourself, I never believe what people say of others famous or not

  8. Nathan T

    In a sense, it’s like correcting something that is not wrong but you think is wrong. Like once I was doing a painting, my friend kept telling me it was great but I thought there was something off. So I kept working on it and ended up messing it up. Hard to undo it if you go too far.

  9. therads

    That girl did not have surgery. First of all, black people do not wrinkle prematurely. I’m 50 and I have no wrinkles, so him saying she had something done because there are no wrinkles is stupid. Her nose looks exactly the same and I do not see at all where there were fillers put on her face. She has mental illness issues (Bi-Polar) that can account for the difference in appearance. Medication will do that to you. She also has foundation and make choices that make her look obviously strange and not exactly normal. Her foundation choice is several shades lighter than her actual skin tone and looks pasty. She has concealer around her eyes that’s crazy looking and way too light. Anyone with sense can see there is something wrong with this woman, but plastic surgery is not it!

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