Joan Rivers Net Worth

Joan Rivers Net Worth

How much is Joan Rivers worth:

  • Full Name: Joan Alexandra Molinsky
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: actress, writer, tv personality
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Joan Rivers Net Worth – Present İn Media For Several Decades And Affected Style Of Many Celebrities

Early Life And Beginning Of Joan Rivers’ Career

Joan Rivers PicturesJoan Rivers was born in 1933 in New York, child of Russian Jewish immigrant mother and local Jewish father. She finished highschool in New York and continued to college, graduating with a Bachelor of arts on Barnard college in 1954. She worked several different jobs before arriving to television: she was a tour guide, an editor and copywriter, as well as fashion consultant. Her television start was in The Tonight show along Johnny Carson, where she first exposed her witty humor and became famous for her sharp comments. Her career continued to develop in several directions. She was both a tv personality and actress, producer and director. Joan Rivers net worth was acquired over many years of successful career.

Joan Rivers PhotosShe started to develop her career toward fashion critique on television when she was interviewing celebrities on Oscars red carpet, observing their outfits and commenting it with them. After this work, she started her own show Fashion Police, in which she commented outfits of famous people, often describing it in a very negative way. Her daughter continued with her show after her death last year.

When finding out how much is joan rivers worth, some people were quite surprised when it was announced just how large is her fortune, as well as that she left it to her only daughter, Melissa and her son, and to her four dogs. Joan obviously loved her dogs very much, but would you leave this much money to four dogs? Well, her canine friends will obviously be very well taken care of for the rest of their lives!

Rumors About Plastic Surgeries Joan Rivers Had

Joan Rivers PhotosAs years passed by, it became very evident that Joan Rivers plastic surgery is a hard fact, as well as that she didn’t stop on just one plastic surgery, but that she kept on getting more and more, so that in the end she looked very plastic and artificial. Her facial appearance was very rigid, as her face was frozen, which is evident sign of too much botox injections, along with very agressive face lifting. This is kind of irony, when one considers just how harsh Joan was when it came to personal critique of someone’s good taste and fashion style. One can’t say that this much plastic surgery can be a sign of good taste. It is also interesting to mention that about two years ago Joan had quite a clash with Jennifer Lawrence who is a known supporter of natural look and very much against harsh dieting and 0 size dress popularity in Hollywood. Jennifer called out Joan for her attitudes in Fashion police show and requested her to change her approach.

Joan Rivers PhotosWhile Joan was very active on television, she didn’t like to speak too much about her private life. It is known that she got married twice, her first marriage being annuled. Second Joan Rivers husband was the one obviously, as they were married since 1965 till he died, in 1987. She didn’t marry afterwards.

Joan’s witty style reminds us of some other television divas, such as Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters. Did you like to watch Fashion Police, what did you think of Joan’s style and work?  Please feel free to comment.

Joan Rivers Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 34-25-36Joan Rivers Body Statistics Measurements
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Height: 5′ 2”
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: brown