Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

How much is Jerry Seinfeld net worth :

  • Name: Jerome Allen Seinfeld
  • Net Worth: $800 Million
  • Occupation: Comedian, Actor, TV host and Procedure
  • Marital Status: Married to Jessica Silkar Seinfeld in 1998
  • Ethnicity:White

Jerry Seinfeld Body Statistics:

  • Height: 5’11” or 1.80m
  • Weight: 70kg or 170 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel

How Much Is Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld net worth is almost hitting the billion-mark. You could be justified to say that maybe it has already hit the mark since the comedian continues to rip big money from his shows. Even after pulling off from his production career, he was still ranked the highest paid comedian in the US.  He is very popular throughout the world for his jaw-dropping performances. But, how much is the humorous man worth?

How Much Is Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth?

The best way to address this question is tracking his journey to riches. Chances are that he started somewhere. Born in 1954, Seinfeld was raised up in Brooklyn.  His early years were not as successful as today. He is said to have spent about 15 years trying to make a foundation for his career. In this long duration, he acted as a standup comedian before he got an opportunity in the TV. He had a way to make people love and not just that, he believed that it would make him some money.Jerry Seinfeld Pictures

For a couple of times, he featured on the David Letterman and Tonight Show. In 9 years, he was writing alongside Larry David, a co-creator. While most people know him as the confident and classy man, who owns a popular TV show, Jerry Seinfeld was not brought up in a cotton wool. He has had to face the cruelties of life before he could reach where he is today.

The hilarious man, who has attracted most people’s attention, while he was a stage comedian, seems to have gathered a promising net worth, for his retirement. Some celebrities, who have touched the money, Jerry Seinfeld has, in his lifetime, have gotten themselves near bankruptcy. It will be in order to give him a pat on his back. Although most of his wealth has come from his show and the years it has undergone syndication, he has also ventured into other things.

Jerry Seinfeld has also engaged in endorsement deals, which too has boosted his wealth tremendously. One of the most notable deals that have made a big turnaround on his net worth is the contract between him and Microsoft in 2008. In this endorsement deal, he was to make a few ads on their products and he is said to have taken home a whole $10 million. That is quite a great perk.

Family Life   

Jerry Seinfeld PhotosJerry Seinfeld does have a family life too. When he dated Jessica Sklar, when she was barely of legal age, the world went against him. He had done the imaginable considering he was at his 30s and the girl was 17. He also had to break up the couple, who had just married to secure her. This was not something both his fans and critics, would take lightly. He was reprimanded and condemned but against all odds, the couple triumphed. Today, Jessica once a naïve, young and indecisive so people thought, is Jerry Seinfeld wife.

The couple is still married after more than ten years after the saga. They are blessed with three beautiful children. They live together, in Jerry’s estate worth $50 million. Are you surprised of the amount? Could you have expected something different from a person with a net worth of $800 million? The estate is located in East Hampton. It is actually a Manhattan style home, which overlooks Central Park. He also own another home found in Telluride, Colorado.

Besides, being a great family man, he also takes the time to feed his insatiable desire for good wheels. He is said to have a serious adoration for cars. He actually has a collection of Porsches, which makes him the largest collectors in the entire world. In the fleet, there are Porsche 959 that is worth $700000 and Porsche 46.

He has also tried to go back to the TV, through the NBC show “Marriage Ref”. The show involved, married partners, who outlined their disputes in marriage life to a panel composed of comedians, sports icons, and celebrities. The panel would then decide, who was right or wrong, although it was short-lived.Jerry Seinfeld Photos

Jerry Seinfeld is very rich with a net worth of $800 million. This can be more since, by the time the show at the NBC ended, he had generated about $3.1 billion. At the peak of the show, he made about $1 million per episode, which took roughly 30 minutes.

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