Jermaine Dupri Net Worth

Jermaine Dupri Net Worth

How much is Jermaine Dupri worth:

  • Full Name: Jermaine Dupri Mauldin
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper/Song Writer/ Record Producer
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Ethnicity: African American

Jermaine Dupri Net Worth – How The Record Producer Lost Majority Of His Earnings?

Jermaine Dupri was born in North Carolina, he always wanted to perform ever since he was a kid. This is why he moved to Hollywood and got his first break as a backup dancer. But Jermaine wanted to do his own things and not stay at the background. He found a Teen boy band called Kris Kross and they became a pop culture phenomenon. Jermaine had an eye for picking up talents and he also helped Beyonce’s band Destiny’s Child launch their career. It is his career as music producer which made Jermaine Dupri net worth of more than $60 million.

Jermaine Dupri was once counted in the same league with the Hollywood legends Lloyd Banks and Billy Joel. He used to be part of all the Hollywood “A-list” parties. But now people will only hear about him when there is news that he either lost his dream mansion or some other possession. It is still not clear how Jermaine Dupri net worth came down to just $2 million.

He And His Girlfriend Was Part Of Hot Hollywood Couple For So Long

Jermaine Dupri had a very colorful personal life. He has a son with one of his ex-girlfriends, but he never married the mother of his son. Most famous Jermaine Dupri girlfriend was however none other than the legend Janet Jackson. They were together everywhere while dating, both gave interviews about how crazy in love they are with each other. But just when it looked like this will be a happily ever after story the dream couple broke up.

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Many people believe that it was his association with Janet Jackson that caused the downfall of his career. When they were together it was all about her and her career. Apparently this is the time he lost focus on his career. People, too it seems forgot that he is a record producer who introduced many future great musicians, people started to call him Janet Jackson’s boyfriend. But he definitely did not lose his money because of that but according to his critics that’s how his downfall started.

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Jermaine Dupri received ASCAP award for his contribution to music. He has given lots of hits throughout his career. He used to constantly collaborate with artists like Nick Canon and Mariah Carey while at the top of his career. His record label “So So Def” was considered as one of the most prestigious brands to be associated with, many great artists worked with his label.  One of his find Usher is a legend himself today, Jermaine helped a young Usher in finding a foothold in music. Usher also counts him as one of his mentors.

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Jermaine Dupri net worth of only $2 million may surprise many people, but it is the truth. TMZ reported that he lost all the royalties of his record label, according to them he took a big loan and cannot seem to pay it off. He fought with the bank many years, but nothing came out, he lost all his prized possessions one by one. Today his fans are waiting to know if he can make a comeback and get back the respect and life he once enjoyed. His love for lavish lifestyle caused him everything, once a great music producer is now a forgotten hero.