Emma Stone Net Worth

Emma Stone Net Worth

How much is Emma Stone worth:

  • Full Name: Emily Jean Stone
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: White

Emma Stone Net Worth – How Much Is Emma Stone Worth?

Emma Stone net worth is estimated to be 10 million dollars.  Starting her career at a very young age, Emma has a great future ahead. She has appeared in a number of shows and films. All of her appearances have garnered her great sums and she has been honored with several awards. You may be wondering why she has this much wealth. Let’s find out together.

The Start Of Emma Stone Acting Career

Emma started pursuing her dream in acting by the time she was eleven years old. Her interest in this career that would make her rich in the future, led her to join the Valley Youth Theater. It was located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Four years after she had joined the local theater, the ambitious girl had to conduct a presentation via PowerPoint to her parents, to seek their approval on her urge to pursue a career in acting. She knew very well that the only she could get into the acting industry was by moving to Los Angeles. Her presentation worked and the parents agreed finally.

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In 2004, she kissed school goodbye and together with her mother, they went to Los Angeles. However, even with her commitment to attend numerous auditions, she did not miss her education either, since she attended home school. In 2005, she attended auditions for the role of Laurie Partridge. This was in the show “In Search of Partridge Family”. The earnings from this show were the first contributions to Emma Stone net worth.

Her Rise To Success, Wealth And Fame

From then, more roles in both TV series as well as shows came her way. All these worked to see her net worth, to where it is today.  She first appeared in a film as a teenager in 2007, which was named “Superbad”. Here the young Emma played the role of Jules. A year later, she was in the cast of “The House Bunny”, a thrilling comedy. 2009 seemed to be a breakthrough for Emma Stone, as she featured in three blockbusters. They included “Paper Man”, “Ghosts of Girlfriend Past” and “Zombieland”. The movies added her net worth substantially.  They also garnered her much fame. In 2010, she got her first nomination to Golden Globe award, granted to her for her role in “Easy A”. In the movie, she acted as Olive Penderghast.

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In 2011, she got roles in two films. The movies performed well and made her very popular. They were “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “The Help”. Came 2012 and Emma Stone were among the cast of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, where she was Gwen Stacy. In 2013, she featured in “Gangster Squad”.  A year later in 2014, she acted in the Amazing Spider Man, part two. All these films, has played a role in Emma Stone net worth.

On her personal life, Emma has date a number of guys among them, Andrew Garfield, who they also acted together in a few movies. Currently, Emma Stone boyfriend is not known.

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You now know how much Emma Stone net worth is. It is expected to keep rising since she continues to take more roles and she is young.