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Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before And After

Courteney Cox’s Plastic Surgery – Completely Changed Her Looks

Courteney Cox became popular around the world thanks to her role as Monica in one of the most successful TV shows of all times, Friends. Friends was on the screens for ten seasons, which means ten years.

After Friends, she got a leading role in a TV show called Cougartown. Lately, Courteney Cox’s plastic surgery is the center of media attention. She looks very young and refreshed, and because of that there are rumors that she’s had several plastic procedures in order to improve her looks, because she is fifty years old.

Courteney Cox Possible Plastic Procedures

There’s been a certain trend in Hollywood in the last few years, and you can see that more and more celebrities will decide to go under the knife to try to look younger or more beautiful. Celebrity plastic surgery has become something completely normal and usual. It is very hard, especially for actresses when they get to a certain age to get new jobs, and stay in the limelight. Courteney Cox is a very popular actress, and she too has decided to change her looks with a few plastic procedures such as:

Courteney Cox Pictures

If you take a good look at Courteney’s latest photos online, you will be able to see a huge difference especially on her face. She is a fifty year old actress, and it is completely impossible not to have wrinkles at that stage in life. But guess what? Courteney does not have a single wrinkle. She’s stated several times that she is a huge fan of laser surgery, and that she thinks that lasers are the tools of the future. She’s also got botox injections several times, and has said that after those injections she feels more self confident, and much better in general. When you remember Courteney from the time when she played Monica in Friends, you can notice that she had small breasts. Now, if you take a closer look at her bikini photos, you will notice that her breasts are much bigger now, which means that she’s had breast augmentation plastic procedure.

Courteney Cox – Good And Bad Decisions About Plastic Surgeries

Some of the procedures that Courtney did were a good choice such as breast augmentation, because her natural breasts were really small, but some other procedures were not such a good idea. When it comes to botox injections, the main rule is not to be excessive with them, because you will end up with a completely unnatural and frozen face. When it comes to Courteney Cox’s plastic surgery, her bad choices and decisions were probably cheek fillers, because her cheeks look very puffy, and almost unrecognizable.

Even though she is fifty years old, her face looks much younger, which makes her look very unnatural. A few years back, when she had only a few botox injections and breast augmentation, she did improve her look. But she obviously was very excessive with it.

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Rumors

Courteney Cox’s plastic surgery was not a secret, and she herself stated several times that she used botox injections, and laser, but she never confirmed breast or lip augmentations. Some plastic surgeons stated that her look is not a result of plastic surgeries, but rather due to a healthy way of living, and the fact that Courteney really takes care of herself and her looks. On the other hand, you can take a look at her before and after photos, and you will be able to see some changes that can not be a result of mere healthy living.

Courteney Cox Measurements

Many actresses in Hollywood have also decided to change their looks in order to look younger, but the results may be really bad. Plastic surgery is good only when your wishes are realistic, and when, at the end of the day, your face and body still look natural. There are many examples out there, where you can see some really beautiful women turned into plastic and unnatural looking women. Their look is completely ruined. Courteney Cox really changed her looks in the last few years, and she is not so natural anymore. Her plastic surgeries were not a complete disaster, but they were far from being a success, that’s for sure.

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  1. Aisha Sublet

    Courteney Cox decided to go under the knife because of her age. She wanted to look younger and her plastic surgeries made it happened. She got a new and better look. She is 50 but she looks like she is 30. Her beauty has’t been ruined by the plastic surgeries. Her look has been improved and she knows how to keep it.

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