Connie Britton Measurements

Connie Britton Measurements – And Her Life As A Healthy Person

Connie Britton As A Healthy Woman

Her hourglass shape and bra size give her the natural bust without implants. She often appeared in hot scenes and her fame rose as she played Women in Trouble back in 2009.

Connie Britton Measurements.

Despite of Connie Britton bra size, she is a woman full of awareness. She eat meat but not everyday. She wants to make sure that she knows where the meals come from. She is also a vegan but not a strict one because she eats poultry at some times. When asked about her favorite food, without a doubt she said salmon. Connie prefers organic foods. She seems to pay attention to what she puts in her mouth because there are indeed foods with chemicals that may trigger cancers. About the issue, Connie has high self awareness that she regularly takes mammograms test because she inherits the cancer risk from her mother. This is why she feels that being healthy is number one.

Connie Britton Pictures Connie Britton Starts To Pay Attention To Her Food

When she first discovered of her cancer risk, she began actively involved in charity and campaign sounding the healthy lifestyle. It makes her realize that when you are active you are healthier. Also, without neglecting the food you consume, you need to be at your best interest at what you eat. She starts to give attention to the organic foods because many have proven its reliability in fighting diseases not only cancer. Every day, she would have these organic meals and feel it boosts her health. The chemical property that a food contain can be very harmful to the body.

Connie Britton Photos Connie Britton And Her Breast Cancer Charity

Connie appears so many times in breast cancer charities. She is also a great philanthropist when it comes to cancer disease. The American Horror story star shares her clean eating for a day. She loves smoothie and maca roast. Also oatmeal and banana for breakfast. During the day, she looks for something heavier like chicken breast or roast turkey. Green tea latte is preferred by Connie than coffee or milkshakes. She also works out in the evening because that’s when she has time to do so. She also does pilates occasionally but sometimes she eats choco chips for self indulgement.

Connie Britton Photos And because Connie never cooks, she prefers to eat out with friends. She is not a gym person so she has plenty of time working out alone and having dinner with her peers. But of course, she has everything under control when she has salmon and tons of salads on the plate. She also likes her spinach with olive oil sautéed. Do you think that the hourglass measurements of Connie Britton  makes her to look perfect?

Connie Britton As A New Mom

Connie Britton Photos As a mother, Connie understands how busy the time can be after long day of pampering her son. But this does not make her measurement moves further because she gives attention to what she eats. After the long day, she feels blessed to put her son to sleep and manage to have her me time (when she has time!). She seems not to age a bit even when she is now a little mature than before. She has focused on raising her kid and also gets in shape whenever possible. But we should be inspired by how careful she chooses her meals. She prefers light snacks than heavy ones and she understands that her age may need her to work extra harder to get in shape. This is why she chooses exercise with high flexibility like pilates over the gym because it keeps her body elastic. It makes a huge difference to her because she has small time to work out and get in shape but still manages to do it perfectly to get that body measurements.


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Do you think that Connie Britton measurements are an example of natural beauty?

Connie Britton Measurements

Connie Britton Body Statistics:

  • Bra Size: 34 C
  • Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
  • Weight: 122 lbs (55 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: brunette
  • Eye Color: brown