Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery

Voluptuous Star Causes A Lot Of Stir With Her Curves

Christina Hendrics Has Amazing Boobs – Can They Be Natural??

Here is a question we all die to learn truth about. Christina Hendricks bra size has caused a lot of sir ever since she we have seen in her in Mad man. She has instantly became popular thanks to this seductive role, that has enabled us to fully grasp her sexy, voluminous curves. And how can anyone miss these curves? It is simply impossible, and on the other side, it seems that Christina Hendricks is actually very much in love with her body. Not only does she wear curve-hugging clothes in the show, as a part of her role, but she wears very sexy and revealing clothes while off-show. Her boobs are obviously voluminous, and she is quite comfortable with her cleavage which is quite admirable attitude-confidence is a trait that we usually acquire only at a later age.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before And After

Now, aside her admirable attitude and interesting character, we all die to find out if her boobs are real or not. Let’s analyze her appearance further.

Although there are not as many photos of Christina before Mad man period, on those we have managed to get insight into, there is evident difference in boob size. We must admit that her “previous” boobs were also sizable, but there is evident increase in size-for one cup, at least-afterwards. It is suggested that this cup size change has happened in the last 3-4 years, just as she become popular with Mad men tv show.

Christina Hendricks Photos Christina Hendricks implants were not a necessity, because she has had nice boobs even before. However, her present boobs are so voluminous that they simpy can’t go unnoticed. Besides, she does a good job when it comes to promoting her boobs, with revealing cleavages and curve-hugging dresses. Christina is obviously very happy with her cleavage and we can only applaude to her, weather her boobs are all natural or product of a plastic surgery. Even if her boobs are this attractive and sizeable due to plastic surgery, they still look remarkably well, very natural, with very natural shape. They are not perfectly round, like basket balls, but they have very natural position and shape, for boobs this big.

Other Possible Cosmetic Interventions Christina Hendricks Had

Christina Hendricks Photos Another rumour in question when it comes to possible Christina Hendricks plastic surgeries, is a nose job, or a rhinoplasty. Christina Hendricks had very nice looking, normal nose, well proportioned to her other facial features. However, when we look at her older and present photos, we can notice that her nose now looks even better, completely perfect with thinner nose bridge. This is the only notion in this direction-her nasal bridge is thinner, and this is definitely not something one can achieve naturally, or due to certain make-up. However, it has to be noted that this change is very minimal, and even if it was due to surgery, it was performed very professionally, with an excellent measure and in a way to keep perfect proportion of nose to the rest of facial features.

Besides already mentioned possible cosmetic intervention, one must say that Christina Hendricks plasticu surgeries are generally rumours, not being admitted or denied by the star herself. It is usually said that not saying anything means approval, but in her case, one can only say that if she had surgeries, they were performed very professionally and nicely.  What is your opinion on Christina Hendricks plastic surgeries? Did she have any surgeries or not? If yes, what is the end result? Do you think that she looks amazing?

We think hat she looks great, weather she had surgeries or not. Some other stars have also achieved excellent results with their plastic surgeries, such as Frances Bean Cobain and Mila Kunis.

Christina Hendricks MeasurementsChristina Hendricks Body Statistics:

* Body Measurements: 38-28-37

* Bra Size: 34 DDD

* Height: 5′ 8”

* Weight: 154 lbs

* Shoe Size: 10

Dress Size: 8

* Hair Color: auburn

* Eye Color: blue




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  1. Carly Flack

    I don’t think that her boobs are natural. She is beautiful and hot but her boobs look so fake. She is a great actress I respect that.

  2. Fahim Ur Rehman

    Her breasts look too big to be natural. I think she needed the surgery only for one breast because their is difference in size of her breasts in second picture, but they were already too big to go unnoticed. And yes her nose is now better.

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