Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before And After

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery – Did The Comedian Go Under The Knife?

Chelsea Handler is an American comedian. She is undoubtedly one of the most influential persons in the American entertainment industry. Talking about Chelsea Handler plastic surgery, rumors have it that she has had a boob job a few months ago. However, she has strongly refuted these claims by taking the issue to Instagram and Twitter.

The female comedian has a tendency of flaunting her bare breasts on Twitter and Instagram. She has done it many times. She wants her followers to see how natural her boobs are. She has tried her best to debunk some rumors on her breasts but fans have always kept searching for the truth.

The rumors claim that the celebrity in question has had some work done on her boobs. It is her nature to show off her breasts on social media carelessly, and, as a result, came the rumor that the comedian has had her boobs surgically enhanced. According to someone close to her, the actress opted for a plastic surgery since she didn’t want to look saggy anymore, and thus the boob job.

The aging signs often starts showing up at 40, and many women usually have a hard time coping with the change. It is not easy to see one’s body declining in charm and health. Her half nude photos that she likes to post on her social media profiles made it clear she had some through work done on her body. Even so, she strongly denies all rumors regarding having a breast lift and she is not making any jokes about it.

Many celebrities such as Britney Spears and Big Ang are quite open about having breast implants, Botox, and facial fillers. But many celebrities deny having any work done to enhance their looks, although it is obvious they did. Chelsea Handler is not an exemption. Her looks have mysteriously changed, but she swears it is not true.

Her Instagram And Twitter Photos Proof

Chelsea Handler Photos It is true that Handler is obsessed with posting half nude photos, but according to her the reason for doing so has nothing to do with her new set of jugs. Rather, she is fighting for female equality. She wonders why a man is allowed to show off their bare chests but not a woman.

There is no denying that the internet is loaded with Handler’s boobs. She started showing off her body after Kim Kardashian attempted to fill the internet with her naked backside images. Handler tried to imitate Kim by posting such photos on Instagram. In fact, Instagram has removed most of her photos since they do not comply with the Community Guidelines.

Why Chelsea Handler Slams Boob Job Rumors

It is no surprise to find a Hollywood star denying claims that they have had a plastic surgery. Almost 100% of celebrities won’t admit they went through the knife and changed their noses, boobs, and faces. They will always insist that they are naturally endowed. Most of them prefer to remain silent until the rumors fade away.Chelsea Handler Photos

The entertainment industry is very competitive and in order to stand out from the crowd, many stars choose to undergo plastic surgery. Chelsea Handler is a good example of celebs that have benefitted from plastic surgery though she does not want to admit. The rumors about her boob job will continue to increase her fame.