Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – And Her Artificial LookWendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After

Wendy Williams plastic surgery promised one thing for sure; that she would get fuller cup. But what went wrong? Her plastic surgery was apparently a blunder when you see the pictures of Wendy Williams before plastic surgery. As a popular TV personality, Wendy embodies mature woman with full figure. Her hourglass shape is in fact very curvy and attractive. After her weigh gained significantly, people began to question whether Wendy has overrated cosmetic surgery.


Wendy Williams Before Plastic Surgery

Despite the reason behind her cosmetic surgery procedure, Wendy is one of the bad examples. Her appearance is an awful lot lately and the cup size does not seem to fit her body well. It is obvious that she did not only get boob job but liposuction to make her tummy look slimmer. Breast implant is something common in the United States but somehow the overly done manner did not work well to make a person look sexy. Wendy did not go well with knife because her surgery is way too far. However, she did not feel comfortable either when she was overweight. She felt like a plump and with her small breasts; that added up the lower self esteem. Wendy desired a perfect body so she went for tummy tuck and shape up her breasts.


Wendy Williams Photos Wendy Williams Pictures

Wendy Did Not Deny The Rumor

The actress openly admitted her boob job. She stated that it happened during 2009 and the implant was done after she delivered her baby boy. She made a tattoo on her tummy and rumor has it that it was done to cover the liposuction mark that the doctor left on her skin. The intention has never found an answer up till today but what we know for sure is that Wendy did several cosmetic surgeries after she had a son. The picture of her, before and after, shows a big difference on her breasts size. It is clearly a sign that she has had facelift and cheek bone implants. Her nose and eyelid show dramatic change when compared to the previous photo. She might have had botox, too.

Her Facial Skin

Looking at her face, there are signs that she appears wrinkle free. Her botox injection worked well with her tight looking skin and less aging lines. Facelift is what it is. There is no crow’s feet line or any other sign of a 49 year old lady. Her nose shows significant change in shape. It is slimmer and sharper on the tip. She also did something to her cheekbone to lift it up higher. These indications are several notices of how she changed her appearance.


Wendy Williams MeasurementsWendy Williams Photos


Despite the fact that Wendy Williams may have gone too far; she is a brave woman who proudly admitted that she had the surgery. This was appreciated by the fans because she got nothing to hide. The before and after images clearly show dramatic changes and she did not deny the evidence at all. For her, there is no hiding place. Even when it seems to go over the board, Wendy looks pretty much livelier with her ‘new’ skin and shape. She looks younger and more vibrant plus a fuller cup that gives the perfect curves. She also showed off her tattoo to public but did not directly admit that it was due to cover her tummy scar. She even posted it on Instagram while having holiday gateway on a beach. The PETA activist once said that she is not into tattoo but she admitted of admiring it and would be great to have one on her skin. The reason is to cover the tummy tuck mark but the tattoo was done brilliantly as if it was meant to be there. Angelina Jolie is very similar case.

What is your opinion on success of Wendy Williams surgery ?

Wendy Williams Body Statistics:

  • Bra Size: 36 C
  •  Height: 5’11″ (180 cm)
  •  Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
  •  Shoe Size: 11
  •  Dress Size: 12
  •  Hair Color: brown
  •  Eye Color: dark brown

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  • Carly King

    Her breast doesn’t look natural. I think her look haven’t been improved by the plastic surgeries.

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    The massive implants make her waist look smaller, and (after all) isn’t that 50% of why women have breast implants? To make their large waist look small?

    • Klaus Geltl

      That’s definitely the wrong way to think, if that’s what they do.

  • San Diego Doug

    what a pair of hot air balloons – LOL
    those fake things are massive.

    • James Wangsness

      I agree. And the boobs are pointing in different directions. She’s a complete mess with the surgeries. The unfortunate thing is–she can’t go back to looking what a typically aging person at her age would look like. She’s a total mess.

  • Magnus Roe

    Jesus who wrote this? Google translate?

    • Terie Staggs Bernard

      I agree. I found this article excruciating to read. As I read, I could only think, (a) the author was somewhat illiterate, or (b) the author was foreign with little to no familiarity of the English language. Either way, I find it hard to believe that a magazine would publish an article written in this manner.

    • Mary Salazar


    • blueskyy02


  • James Wangsness

    Can’t they fix her nose? It looks really creepy. You look at her and all I am drawn to is those 2 holes in her face where her nose should be.

    • Ematicic

      She would never be able to ride a motorcycle without some form of cover or plugs over those holes. I agree. It actually terrifies me to look at her.

  • Morven Coulter

    She looks ridiculous

  • Klaus Geltl

    She’d have been better looking without any of it, from the face to the blowup bust it’s just awful.

    • stareingharder .

      Nope, the bigger the better.

  • Patrick Narry

    Don’t know who wrote it the pictures I will Keep

  • Klaus Geltl

    How can she be a cup C? That’s quite nonsensical.

  • Teresa Crow Henderson

    I agree!! This article sounds like it was written by an elementary school student! I had to reread most of the article just to figure out what they were talking about!!
    On another note; I think Wendy is beautiful! However, there is no way she is a 36C! That is my size, and mine are not this big!! She must wear Victoria’s Secret “add 2 cup sizes”!

    • factfinder

      a poor-perforiming student

    • bulldogmommy

      I thought the same thing-was this her bra size before surgery?

  • jaydeebee

    Just saw her on TV. Her nose looks like Miss Piggy’s. Seriously, you can see straight up her nostrils!

  • Guest

    she’s still a man!

  • Kristinfan413years

    she still looks like a man.

  • factfinder

    absolutely horrible English-much of it makes no sense, educational deficits or second language might be the cause

  • stareingharder .

    2009? I thought Wendy had fake tits for like 30 years for some reason.

  • Mary Salazar

    Seriously, who wrote this article, they are barely literate. Pathetic.

  • PFR

    My daughter is 5’11 also. She is beautiful!! And it really hurts my feeling when people say she looks like a man because she is tall. Grow up…

    • Proud2B

      I’m 5 10′ and never has anyone stated that I looked like a man, or am a man. Wendy has big hands, big feet which doesn’t help. My hands aren’t that big. I wear a 9 shoes. They fit my body. My boobs are DD which goes with the rest of my body. I’m not as thin as Wendy, but my body is more proportioned.

      • Mike

        People tell me that I look like a man all the time. I am 6’3″ and 220lbs. I, too have big hands and feet and wear a size 12 shoe. People tell me all the time that I look like a man and it doesn’t bother me one bit. Oh, wait a minute. I am a man. Sorry, my bad/

  • gemcrazy

    36C, IS SHE KIDDING ? MORE LIKE 40FFF ! Where are her hips ? She REALLY should ditch the low class fake rings on her left finger. She always looks uncomfortable, is she nervous ? Self conscious ? She went way, way, way over the top !

  • lalalalala

    there is no way that woman is wearing a c cup honey. D’s and up.

  • stareingharder .

    Damn, her clown titties are well done.

  • Lanette Schmidt

    Sorry Wendy, your face looks artificial. You do not have a natural look at all. It’s too stony-looking.

  • January 24

    Seriously, who wrote this… a 3rd grader? How does this person even have a job?!!!