Jamie Foxx Net Worth
How much is Jamie Foxx worth:

  • Full Name: Eric Marlon Bishop
  • Net Worth: $85 Million
  • Occupation: actor, singer
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: American

Jamie Foxx Net Worth – İs Constantly İncreasing Since He Got Oscar

Jamie Foxx net worth has rose high sky when he earned his first really prominent role in Collateral next to Tom Cruise.After this blockbuster, great roles just kept on pilling, including Oscar-worthy presentation of (equally famous and popular) blind singer Ray Charles, in a great movie Ray, that was about singer’s life.

Jamie Foxx İs One Of Few Very Successful And Popular Black Actors

Jamie Foxx Pictures It is not that easy to become popular in Hollywood when you are black, no matter how much it might seem that racism is a matter of history. When you think about it, how many black actors are on the list of highest paid celebrities? There are just dozen of them, but they have earned their spot with their talent and hard work, and Jamie Foxx is one of them.

When wondering about how much is Jamie Foxx worth, insight into media information provided us with impressive digits. It seems that Jamie Foxx is among 35 richest black actors in the world with $85 Million net worth, among Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock and alike. Jamie owns a lush mansion in Hidden Valley, and drives Rolls Royce. So obviously, Jamie leads good life with his money.

Some Facts About Jamie Foxx And His Career

Jamie Foxx Photos Jamie Foxx was born as Eric Marlon Bishop in December 1967 and is successful actor and singer. He spent his childhood in Texas, living with grandparents because parents abandoned him while he was just a baby.

He became famous with role in Oliver Stone Living Colors and afterwards came Collateral with Tom Cruise, Ray about Ray Charles, and many others. Jamie is obviously multitalented artist, so it is not surprising that he has become so popular. However, despite the fact that he rose to fame and that his life came into limelight, he still managed to keep lot of his personal life as a secret. For an example, we know that there was never Jamie Foxx wife, as he has remained adamant about staying out of marriage. However, he has two daughters from two women, Corrine, born in 1992 and Annalise, born in 2010, and neither of two moms have been named, nor did they try to make their relationship with Jamie public. This seems really strange, don’t you think?? It is a fact that majority women who become pregnant with celebrities try to make the most of this link and earn some money along with having a child. It is interesting to see that these two ladies didn’t go and sell their stories to newspapers or wrote a book! Jamie Foxx children are often with actor, as he wants to spend a lot of time with his children, and loves being a dad, as he says himself.

When it comes to Jamie’s lovelife, he stays very private as ever. Jamie Foxx girlfriend was every one of these beautiful women: Adriane Kelly, Christina Milian, Dollicia Bryant, Eva Marcille, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Iliana Fischer, Lil Kim, Leila Arcieri, Vivica Fox, and several others. Well, it seems that Jamie is enjoying life to the fullest, don’t you think? Who would you say that is best match to him of named ladies? Please feel free to share your opinion with us.

Jamie Foxx tattoo has been matter of interest of media and public ever since he got it for his 40th birthday. So, he got a massive tribal tattoo all over his head and left us all wondering why he did it. Some say it was middle-age crisis. What do you think?

Jamie Foxx Body Statistics MeasurementsWhatever it might be, we must admit that Jamie seems like he in his prime, although he is well over 40 years old. However, we can also name several other wealthy celebrities that live their life actively, such as Gene Simmons and Hugh Hefner, despite their senior age.

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