SNSD Plastic Surgery

snsd Plastic Surgery Before and After

SNSD Plastic Surgery – A List Of Never Ending Cosmetic Procedures

Apparently, being able to sing is just not enough for the sissy. The famous girls have travelled around the world and people really adore their exceptional beauty. But behind that, you know there is a lot (a really lot) of efforts! The SNSD is famous in their country. And the band forming was said to be the trend setter. They trained hard and of course, eat less. they also have measurement standard so they won’t look fat. This is not enough.

SNSD Pictures The nine girls are also known for the SNSD plastic surgery. That is how they manage to have those pretty faces. The best plastic surgeon in town and the group really make an effort to have that all. The SNSD has the English name of Girl’s Generation. The South Korean girls have performed in many parts of the world. They are famous in Japan and also several Asian countries.

Tae Yeon, the leader of the group has been appearing in several Korean movies and so do Yoona and Seohyun. The good looks is everything for the Korean bands. No exception. The feature of SNSD plastic surgery is probably massive. Here are some of the lists!

  • SNSD Photos Eye lid surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Lip surgery
  • Liposuction
  • etc

It is no surprise that SNSD plastic surgery before and after look extremely different. Unlike the one extreme with Joan Rivers, this transformed their look in unbelievably pretty way. The rhinoplasty for Korean is very common. They don’t have pointy nose like Caucassian that is why they need to narrow down the bridge and make the nose pointier. It is not a rumor that the photos represent how the plastic surgeries went successful. They did not deny but they also did not make an official statement.

The eyelid surgery is an extremely one part of important. The stars are Asians and Asians tend to have monolid. They need to make the eye bigger so they have plastic surgery to double up the eyelid. This is why when you see several Korean celebrities, they look really beautiful because they change their face construction. Several hunks like Rain, Kim Bum and other stars.

SNSD Photos The long lists of plastic surgeries include the jawline reconstruction. The surgery has made the jaw looks a bit pointier. The lip augmentation has changed how they smile. It is now much fuller and wider lips. The teeth also have been reconstructed.

SNSD plastic surgery before and after pictures truly represent how cosmetic procedure can transform one look into a swan. The eyes have been enhanced in a much better way and they look more like Barbie dolls instead of a human. It could be scary when you read on the list of their cosmetic procedures but when you compare their pictures, you can bet that they are satisfied with them. They take the procedure one at a time and finally everything is put back.

SNSD Photos Many critics are filed against these girls because they inspire other girls in a bad way – that they should be pretty using the cosmetic procedure. Let’s hope that these girls would stop the procedures because the operations definitely don’t do any good when done over and over again. They have gone through a lot of under the knife experience and we have no idea how they can bare the pain of aftermath surgeries.

The girls really put on their effort by doing so. The images of the before and after definitely tell us something about how you can improve your look instantly. When you compare the band with other Western band like Girls Aloud, they do pretty much things from botox and fillers and work on the tight muscles. But these girls seem to know what they are doing to stay fit and healthy – by not eating much at all.

What do you think about the plastic surgery in Korea?

Is it becoming a trend or it is actually part of the ‘religion’ that every teen should go under the knife so they look pretty?snsd Plastic Surgery Before and After-2