Simon Cowell Net Worth

Simon Cowell Net Worth

How much is Simon Cowell worth:

  • Full Name: Simon Phillip Cowell
  • Net Worth: $550 Million
  • Occupation: producer, television celebrity, talent executive
  • Marital Status: in a relationship
  • Ethnicity: British

Simon Cowell Net Worth – Earning Big Money As Talent Scout

How did Simon Cowell become famous and rich?

Simon Cowell PicturesSimon Cowell net worth of over $500 million has been earned thanks to highly popular talent television shows on both sides of Atlantic. These shows gather lot of attention and thousands of people apply to get their 5 minutes of fame in front of cameras. Simon along with several other judges crashes dreams of majority of them, making few selected ones popular and famous. These talents shows are well known to all of us: The X Factor, American Idol and Britain’s got talent, Pop idol, etc. Simon has also established his own production company called Syco.

Net worth of Simon Cowell started grew and he became famous as a talent judge primarily for his very harsh criticism and crushing people who didn’t earn his approval. Simon’s character is disliked by many (he was 10th on British TV Guide’s list of 60 nastiest villains of all time!). On the other hand, no one denies his undeniable talent to recognize and approve talent and promote quality in music. This is the other side of coin, and he was also named as one of the most influential people as well.

Cowell started his role of a judge in first Pop Idol series in Britain back in 2001 and right after that, in American Idol in 2002. He was active in American idol for 8 seasons, definitely leaving in 2010. These seasons were marked by top ratings of the show on US television, being the most viewed TV show on all American televisions. Why was it so successful? Primarily because of his harsh criticism of contestants. He clearly expressed his dislike not just in talent and performance, but also in appearance and style. However, he evidently has an eye for talent. For example, boy band One Direction finished third in Britain’s got talent (season 10) and signed for his production company, where he guided them and tutored them. We all know just how huge success they have made and if you wonder how much is Simon Cowell worth, now you can see that his profit is definitely huge!

Leona Lewis, another British huge talent was also discovered on the X factor and signed for Cowell’s production company the same year.

Simon Cowell Charity Work

Simon Cowell PhotosAlbeit his television notoriety and bad reputation for his critic approach, he has been very active in charity work and has supported many causes for many years. Simon supports different organizations that fight for the tights of children and for animal rights. He has produced music video, gathering many music starts to sing for the cause-to help victims of devastating earthquake on Hawaii.

Simon Cowell Personal Life

Simon Cowell Photos Although very much present in public and in front of camera, there was little known abotu Simon Cowell’s private life. He was seen with many women while present on television, but never got married. In summer 2013, huge scandal broke, when one of Simon’s colleagues announced that he is divorcing his wife for cheating on him with Simon Cowell. This Simon Cowell girlfriend became even bigger news when it was announced that she is pregnant and  that she is having Simon’s baby. Lauren Silverman delivered baby boy in February 2014. Three of them are living in Simon Cowell house in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, although they spend lot of time in his London home as well.

Recognizing talent and promoting it is a trait of successful men, such as Dr Dre and Snoop Dog. They are as successful and rich as Simon Cowell. What do you think of Simon’s judging style? Do you like it or not? Please feel free to comment.

Simon Cowell Body Statistics:

  • Height: 5′ 9″Simon Cowell Body Statistics Measurements
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 13
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: brown