Shia Labeouf Net Worth

Shia Labeouf Net Worth

How much is Shia Labeouf worth:

  • Full Name: Shia Saide LaBeouf
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Voice actor
  • Marital Status:  Single
  • Ethnicity: Jewish-Russian, Cajun

Shia Labeouf Net Worth – An Insight Into The Transformer`S Leading Actor`S Money Stock

How Much Is The Disney Famed Star Worth?

Shia Labeouf Pictures Shia Labeouf is best known for his role in the Speilberg hit sci-fi trilogy Transformers is an appreciated and skilled actor. He is estimated to earn about $10 to $16 million per movie while his cosrliest movie turned out to be the third installation of the Transformer series which fetched him about $15 million dollars. His second and third highest earning for blockbuster movies Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Transformer 2 were $8 and $5 million. Shia Labeouf net worth was recorded aound $58 million between Novembor 2013 and November 2014 having a huge lead off of his competitors.

No.1 Spot In The Top Ten Highest Paid Actors Of 2014

Shia Labeouf Photos The actor landed on the number one spot for the People with money magazine`s top ten highest paid actors for 2014 sweeping an estimated worth of $58 million. The list is made in accordance with endorsements,  advertising, profit participation etc. While comparision can be made with other celebrities like t.v actor/wrestler, the big time The Rock a.k.a Dwayne Jhonson net worth was about $125 million between 2013-2014. Forbes Magazine currently ranks The Rock #25 on their 100 richest celebrities list. While another rich comedian which lands on the rich list is Tracy Morgan.  The famous comedian Tracy Morgan net worth is estimated as $18 million. A huge part of his net earnings comes from acting, writing and tv productions.

Sneak Peak At Shia Labeouf`s Personal Life

Shia Labeouf Photos Born on June 11, 1986 in Los angeles, California as the only child to Jeffery Craig Labeouf and Shayna. His mother was a dancer and a ballerina while his father was a vietnam war veteran. The actor had a tough childhood and referred to having to live a “hippie life” as he stated his father to be a “drug addict”. After his parents got divorced, Labeouf grew up poor with his mother in Echo Park in reference to which he stated that he gone out to be an actor because they were broke. He used to do stand-up comedy as a kid and some how ended up being noticed by an agent and landing a role in Disney`s series Even Steven.

Highs And Lows In Love Life

Shia Labeouf Photos The American actor had his shares of highs and lows in his love life. He was romantically involved with many ladies. China Brezner was Shia Labeouf girlfriend from 2004 to 2007 but later broke up as Shia was busy and couldnot put enough time into the relationship.  Later he got involved with the English actress Carey Mulligan and have had on-goings with several ladies like Isabel Lucas,  Adrian Grenier and Megan Fox.

Awards And Nominees

Shia Labeouf Photos Shia labeouf started as a disney star and afterwards he rode to success with films like Disturbia and Eagle eye which got mixed reviews for his acting. Some of which he was good enough to win are as follows:

Emmy Award For Outstanding Performance In Children`s Series : Even Stevens : Won

Teen Choice Awards For Choice Movie Breakout Male: Disturbia: Won

Teen Choice Awards For Choice Movie (Horror/Thriller): Won

BAFTA Orange rising Star: Won

Interesting Tattoos On Shia Labeouf`s Body

Shia Labeouf Photos There is an emerging trend in Hollywood actors to have motivational or memorial words or pictures carved onto their skins. Shia`s Labeouf tattoos represent some important moments and people in his life, it portrays his journey from his childhood to the entertainment industry. Shia has three tattoos in total; one on his inner wrist he has “1986-2004” which is a memorial of his childhood, a dog`s paw on his left arm and a hand in a shackle on his side.

Shia Labeouf Body Statistics:

Shia Labeouf Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 5′ 9¼” (1.76 m)

Weight: 158 lbs (72 kg)

Shoe Size: 11

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Hazel