Robert Downey Jr Net Worth

Robert Downey Net Worth

How much is Robert Downey worth:

  • Full name: Robert Downey Jr.
  • Net worth: $190 Million Dollars
  • Date of birth: April 4, 1965
  • Occupation: producer, actor, screenwriter
  • Nationality: United States
  • Height: 5’ 9” (1.74 m)
  • Marital status: Married (Susan Downey)
  • Children: 3
  • Ethnicity: American

Robert Downey Jr Net Worth – His Career Witnessed Many Ups And Downs

Robert Downey Pictures Robert Downey Jr net worth is estimated at.Robert Downey is known one of the most popular as well as reputable actor of the industry at recent times. His previous times and career is not as bright as it is today. His history is full of fluctuations as he had been a drug addict and also been arrested. It has been a long journey but thanks to his will to quit addiction and all other habits that have damaged his career and his self too, now he is again in the spot light and enjoying the fame even better than before. He has performed in blockbusters and now Robert Downey Jr net worth is about $190 million. This amount is not beyond the expectations as he has struggled a lot to gain this status.

The Early Life Of Robert Downey

Robert Downey Photos Robert was born on April 4, 1965 in New York. His father Robert Downey Sr. was an actor as well as a film maker. Her mother, Elise Ann, was also an actress. She has an elder sister too named Allyson. Robert started his career in his childhood while working in the movies of his father as he was a film maker. His parents were divorces in the year 1978 and he left for California along with his father. After many years he decided to go back to New York and start his acting career once again.

A Successful Career That Faced A Critical Turn

Robert Downey Photos When we start talking about the career of the actor, we come to know that he had admired by his viewers a lot because of his talent and extra ordinary skills of acting. Undoubtedly his most memorable and liked character was in the movie ‘Chaplin’ in which he was playing the leading role of Charlie Chaplin. The role was tough and required a lot from the performer bur Robert did it excellent. He started doing hard work for the role for a long time. He took the role very seriously and learnt the postures and a unique way of walking of Charlie Chaplin to imitate him. He also learned to play violin as well as tennis. Eventually the role nominated him for the Academy Award. He used to perform in many other hit movies but unfortunately his drugs and arrests issues as well as his off the screen behavior damaged his career a lot.

Drug Addiction That Ruined His Career And Life

Robert Downey Photos Robert got married with Deborah Falconer in 1992 and had a son. He started taking drugs especially cocaine in 1996. He had many unsuccessful rehabs. Then his arrests issue and troubled marriage affairs, all lead to the end of his career. In fact he touched the bottom of affairs and life. But then he tried himself to manage all the things and got rid of everything that was harming him personally and professionally. He linked his drug habit to his father as was also an addict.

Second Marriage Of Robert And Boom Of His Career

Robert Downey Photos As Robert got successful in composing himself, he married for the second time wit Susan Downey. They have 2 kids. Robert Downey Jr wife supported him a lot regarding drug issue and helped her to regain his lost status in the industry. Robert Downey Jr kids and wife are said to be very important in his life. Now he is again a successful star of the day and performing in blockbusters. Therefore Robert Downey net worth is no wonder. He is included in the club of huge earners like Shaq O Neal and Sylvester Stallone.

Do you agree that his bad habit of drugs lead him to the destruction?

Robert Downey Body Statistics:

  • Robert Downey Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 174 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Hair color: brown
  • Eye color: dark brown
  • Shoe size: 10