Raven Symone Net Worth

Raven Symone Net Worh

How much is Raven Symone worth:

  • Full Name: Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman
  • Net Worth: $55 Million
  • Occupation: actress, singer, producer, songwriter
  • Marital Status: in a relationship
  • Ethnicity: African American

 Raven Symone Net Worth – She Started Living In Front Of Camera When She Was Just A Baby

Who Is Raven Symone?

We all remember Raven Symone as sweet little girl from the Cosby Show, but this was just the beginning of her successful career that lasts for decades now. Raven Symone net worth started pilling up while she was just a toddler, and it is no wonder that she is now worth more than $50 million. What has she done so far to ear fame and fortune? Keep on reading to discover all about this once sweet little girl and now sexy and confident young woman.

Raven Symone Television And Music Careers

Raven Symone first appeared in Cosby show, as his sweet little granddaughter. After lot of success as a confident and cocky little one, she appeared successfully in other TV shows till the middle of 199s. In 2000s, she starred for Disney channel as a teen girl with psychic powers called Raven Baxter. Along television roles, she also released several albums: Here’s to new dreams, Undeniable, This is my time, Raven-Symone. Disney supported her music career by releasing album with Disney soundtracks on which she had few songs-Cheetah girls and Cheetah girls 2, as well as That’s so Raven and That’s so Raven too. Her music career was and is important part of her success.

After successful television roles, Raven Symone tried out on big screen as well. She had roles in both Dr Dolittle movies, College road trip, Cheetah girls 1 and 2, Revenge of the bridesmaids, Girl of the 21st century, The princess diaries, etc. She has also delivered some animation roles, lending her voice for characters in Kim Possible and Tinker Bell.

In spring 2014, she made it public that she wants to finish college, and that she started studying on San Francisco Academy of Art.

Present Time Private And Professional Life

At the beginning of this year, Raven Symoné announced on social media that she wants to start recording her new music album, she planned to record 4 years ago but canceled it back then. It is expected that this music project will be released soon. She is also becoming more active on television, in Empire, and will also act in Disney’s K.C. undercover series. It is evident that plans to be very busy this year! In this series, Raven is pregnant and Raven Symone baby father is Jussie Smollet. This is really interesting story considering the fact that there were some rumors few years ago that Raven is pregnant in real life and that  Raven Symone daughter father is thie same Jussie! They have now made a really cool joke by thanking their fans for watching the show and saying that they will become parents.

Raven Symone PhotosAs far as Raven’s actual private life is concerned, Raven is happy with her female partner, which she has confirmed to Oprah Winfrey just few months ago. It was long rumored is Raven Symone lesbian, and that was definitely confirmed live with Oprah. However, Raven doesn’t like such labeling..she says that she doesn’t see herself as African-American or homosexual, but as American and as a human loving other human being. She is puzzled with the fact that people consider such attitude controversial. What do you think about her diplomatic attitude toward love and life? Please feel free to comment.

Raven Symone is star since the early age just as Drew Barrymore and Brooke Shilds. Do you think that she will continue to be as successful as the other two have managed to?

 Raven Symone Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 38-28-37Raven Symone Body Statistics Measurements
  • Bra Size: 34D
  • Height: 5′ 2″
  • Weight: 128 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 8.5
  • Dress Size: 8
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: brown