Paul Mccartney Net Worth

Paul Mccartney Net Worth

How much is Paul Mccartney net worth :

  • Full Name: James Paul Mccartney
  • Net Worth: $700 Million
  • Occupation: Musician, composer, producer, businessperson
  • Marital Status: Married to Nancy Shevell
  • Ethnicity: Irish, Scottish, English

How Much Is Paul Mccartney Net Worth

Paul Mccartney net worth is estimated to be $700 million, though most people think that he would be among those with billions in net worth. All the same, he prides himself for being the most popular English musician.  He is widely known for being a member of the group, the Beatles. He is a juggler of all businesses. He is a musician, composer , songwriter and instrumentalist. Do you know how much Paul Mccartney is worth? To really get how the anlysts came with the whopping sum of $700 million as his net worth, it is best to learn about his career life and lifestyle.

His Music Career

Paul Mccartney PicturesHow much is Paul Mccartney worth? Born in  Liverpool and raised in the same neighboood, he started writing songs, when he was a teen. Later on he met John Lennon and the Quarrymen at the age of  15, when he joined the band. After the band was named as the Beatles. First, Paul Mccartney performed in Beatles group, which made him famous and opened more doors for him in the music industry.  The other members in the group included  George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon. Together, they were able to create a niche in the industry in the most amazing way. With their melodious voices and overwhelming performances the group took the crowd by storm. However, the group was later disbanded in 1970.

It is after the Beatles parted ways that Paul Mccartney started his music career as solo artist.  He formed Wings, a music band in partnership wwith  Linda his first wife and Denny Laine. He then, performed in the group and as a solo musician.  After he had garnered 50 gold discs, over 100 million for his singles and the same figure for the albums,  he managed to get into the most coveted slot in the Guiness World Records, as the “most successful composer and recording artist of all time”. He also got yet another recognition as the “ most successful songwriter” to ever be in UK Charts.

Paul Mccartney PhotosHe was best known for his song “Yesterday” . The song was played over 7 million times on American radio and television.   It also sold in the same measure throughout the world and contributing significantly to his net worth. As a solo artist , he became inducted  to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What is the net worth of Paul Mccartney? In 2013 he pocketed about $47 million anxd an year later in 2014, he took home $71 million. Up to date, Paul Mccartney has released 5 classical albums and more than 22 studio albums.

In addition, Paul Mccartney has also been heavily involved with politics and activism since the Beatles broke down. What more he has been heard worldwide advocating for human rights. We could say that he is using his wealth, in the best way he knows how.  He is a great critic of the Genetically Modified Foods as well as the proliferation of land mines. He stands firm on his opinion and nothing can waver his strong will to fight for the good of the minority on the earth. Furthermore, environmental pollution affects the haves as well as the have nots. Hence, one can understand why he is so adamant.

His Private Life

Paul Mccartney PhotosPaul Maccartney has married for three times. His very first wife was Linda Eastman, who was a photographer and animal rights’ activist.  They had four children and stayed married until her death in 1998.  After four years , Paul decided to marry again and this time, she met Heather Mills and married in 2002. The couple had a daughter but divorced in 2008. Later on in 2011, he married , Nancy Shivell, who is currently, Paul Mccartney wifePaul Mccartney children are five from his first two marriages. Today, they are seen togetheer mostly with his present wife who is also moneyed. They live in a leafy surburb in one of his many mansions.  However, Paul pays allowances and provides child support for his daughter with Heather.

Paul Mccartney net worth is almost a billion and it is bound to increase , owing to his ventures in music, songwriting and composing. He will remain as the artist who has ever sold many albums as a solo artist. Even at his age , he still looks great and classy, a sign that he is living life to his best.

Paul Mccartney Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: Not availablePaul Mccartney Body Statistics Measurements
  • Height: 5’11” or 1.8m
  • Weight: 82kg or 180 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel