Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery – Was Done Because She Gets Old

Michelle Phan plastic surgery is famous for its perfection. Michelle Phan is a famous for her make-up tutorial on You Tube. She is also helping other ladies to improve their appearance using make up. Her Asian beauty looks flawless with her talent of applying make up with the tools. A shocking truth came just recent when fans notice her face is different from how it used to.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before And After

She may have done plastic surgery because her chin is longer and quite extended. This idea has changed her image because she often encourages women to look natural but yet she did plastic surgery to make her face look oval. This is different from what she advocates for all these years. However, some agree that she need cosmetic procedure because she gets old. It is a part of the skin rejuvenation that she needs to keep her face looking flawless.

Elsa Patton plastic surgery could be a real world example of however cosmetic surgery might very get it wrong in look for face alteration. Elsa Patton openly admitted about her cosmetic surgeries and the way the plastic surgery has virtually ruined her life.

Michelle Phan And Her Evidence Of Cosmetic Surgery

Michelle Phan Pictures What it takes for beauty guru to look beautiful? Plastic surgery should not be one of them, right? When it comes to natural look, people tend to rely on make up instead of doing artificial procedures to your face. Things like botox and fillers are an instant job to make changes to your appearance and perhaps that should not be done if you want to obtain beauty naturally without involving chemical reaction whatsoever.There are many indications of plastic surgery on her face. Not only her chin but her nose bridge looks smaller and her cheekbone seems to be lifted with fillers. The fans wait her to tell the truth but nothing comes out from her mouth. Luckily, not everyone believes that she has done nose job because if it’s true, the surgeon must have performed successful method on her face. The surgery looks natural given the fact that her face still looks flexible. She might have done something but there is no indication on doing so. But if you take a look closer on her before and after pics, you will notice that her face shows a change. There is nothing else to make your chin looks longer if it was not because of cosmetic surgery.

Many celebrities have made these changes, too. Angelina Jolie and Vicki Gunvalson have chin implants and in Michelle’s case, people are still questioning. She wants public to accept her natural beauty without questioning whether she is having a surgery or not. The speculation arises as fans begin to watch her tutorial video and notice that her chin looks different. She had fillers and when she uploaded a video in August 2012, the rumors began to spread like hell.

But to all of her followers, Michelle Phan completely denied to have plastic surgery. However, she admitted of having botox and fillers. With more than 4 millions of subscribers of her video, her fanbase can really notice how her look is changing. The fans of this beauty guru are somewhat disappointed by the fact that she just plays around without ever considering of her fans that are inspired by her role as natural beauty person.

Michelle Phan Photos What’s more, the YouTube fairy also did something to her eyelid. She is an Asian and normally Asian people does not have eyelid. But in her case, she has it. Her double eyelid surgery becomes highly speculated after in 2007, she didn’t have any and out of a sudden in 2014, her face begins to look prettier with the eyelid. Besides her visible jaw difference, Michelle still thinks that perhaps it’s because of her powerful makeup skill that created such beauty without any knife.

Thinner nose, smoother skin and double eyelid. That definitely does not make up routine make-up creation, don’t you think?

What’s your opinion? Is Michelle getting prettier or weirder with cosmetic improvements of her look?

Michelle Phan Measurements

Michelle Phan Body Statistics:

  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Height: 5’1″ (165 cm)
  • Weight: 140 pound
  • Shoe Size: 6
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: black



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    She probably had surgery but not for the “double” eyelid. Possibly to make it even but she had it for a while. When you say “Asian” that’s a really wide-range of people. Depends on what part of Asia does it mean it’s not “normal” to have those types of eyes.

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