Lionel Richie Net Worth

Lionel Richie Net Worth

How much is Lionel Richie worth:

  • Full Name: Lionel Brockman Richie
  • Net Worth: $200 Million
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: African American

Lionel Richie Net Worth – How Much Money Did The Legendary Singer Made?

Lionel Richie net worth is $200 million, not many singers earned this kind of money in their lifetime. But this man is considered as one of the best singers of all time, he sold more than 100 million records all over the world.

Early Life

Lionel Richie was born on June 20th, 1949 in Alabama. He grew up at a small town, later his family relocated to Illinois. His mother started working there as a principal. His parents were very strict and always wanted Lionel to finish his high school.

Lionel Richie was a mediocre student but a great sportsman in his high school days. He was a really promising tennis player and even earned a scholarship which gave him a chance to study in one of the most prestigious colleges. But he dropped out from there after some years.

Lionel also wanted to become a priest, but soon realize that he was not made for that job too.

Musical Career Of Lionel Richie

While in his last couple of years of his college days Lionel Richie started forming musical groups. His talent was quickly noticed by people and he was signed by Atlanta records in 1968.  One of his first job as a singer was appear as a supporting act in Jackson 5 performances.  Lionel Richie was also a lyricist, he wrote songs for many famous artists like Kenny Rogers, they used to pay him in commissions, but obviously Lionel Richie had to make his solo career as a singer which eventually he did and took Lionel Richie net worth to $200 million.

His first song as a solo artist debuted in number 1 position, “Truly Song” launched his career as a singer. Critics loved his melodious voice.  His next album not only earned Grammy nomination for him but it also sold much more than his first album. Most of his songs were featured in the top 10 list. His songs won many awards including Oscar. Lionel Richie stared becoming popular all over the world.

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Collaboration with other artists was part of his entire career. He , Michael Jackson,  Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and many other great musicians came together for one of the greatest songs of all time “We are the world”  this song was done to help Africa. Lionel was great friends with one of his biggest competitors Michael Jackson from the beginning, Michael is also the God father of Lionel Richie’s daughter Nicole Richie.

Personal Life Of Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie was married to Brenda Harvey-Richie, and together they adopted a daughter named Nicole. But they parted ways and the relationship was bitter. Lionel later admitted to Oprah that he was not a family man at the time of his first marriage. He also felt bad that he spent little time with Nicole when she was little.

Lionel Richie then got married to Diana Alexander Richie, she was a fashion designer, and they have two children together. But his second marriage too ended in Divorce.

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Lionel Richie net worth is so huge that when it was declared that he owes IRS more than 1 million, everyone said that this amount was nothing for him.

There is a nice story about Lionel Richie car love, apparently he gifted himself Seven Mercedes cars for Christmas 2012.

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Lionel Richie loves performing on stage more than anything else and even today he tours all over the world for that.