Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery

Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery Before And After

Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery – The Actress Finally Admits To Having Gone Under The Knife

These days, plastic surgery is very common. It is no longer limited to the rich and famous as anyone can now benefit from it. Lee Da Hae, an award-winning Korean actress is one of the people who opted for a cosmetic surgery.  Lee Da Hae plastic surgery is no longer a subject of speculation since she publicly confirmed that she went for it. She confirmed these allegations when she appeared on a TV talk show.

A Brief History On Lee Da Hae History

Lee is a well-known Korean model and actress. She was born in 1984. She has received numerous awards including PaekSnag Art awards.  Many people thought that Lee looked quite different. This led to rumors that she has had cosmetic surgery. But does she really look different?

Lee Da Hae Pictures

According to her fans and critics, Lee may have had some work done. She decided to undergo what many will describe as a right move. She opted for a facelift. The results of her surgery are quite okay. Looking at her pictures of this Korean model before and after the surgery, you will easily conclude that it was worth it.

What Surgery Did Lee Underwent

Lee has had a facelift. When you compare her old pictures with her recent ones, you will notice that her jaw has reduced slightly. Her face now looks slimmer than it used to be. This procedure is typically performed to make the shape of the face to look oval rather than square. Critics also believe that she has had cheek implants. If not, she may have filled them with Botox injections. Her nose also seems sharper than it used to be.

Lee Da Hae Photos

Why The Actress Went For Plastic Surgery

While many people choose to go under the surgeon’s knife in order to boost their self-esteem, it is very unlikely that Lee Da Hae plastic surgery was driven by this factor. For a woman who has already won a beauty pageant, she should be very confident with her appearance.

The actress previously refuted claims that she has had plastic surgery. But it seems she could not deny anymore because it has reached a point where the alterations that have taken place to her body are very obvious.

Most people are still wondering why the beautiful girl decided to go for a surgery. They think that she was naturally beautiful. Many think that she looked better with her natural face. The procedure has left her with a completely different appearance.

With that said, the celebrity seems to be okay with her decision because she does not regret anything. According to her, it made her happy.

Lee Da Hae is only in her late twenties but is not normal for a woman of her age to get plastic surgery in Asia. Unfortunately, she comes from South Korea, a country that has the world’s largest cosmetic surgery rate.  And this might be the reason why Lee was convinced to get the surgery.

While her Lee is fine with the results of her surgery, some critics think that she was prettier when she had her natural look. They think her face looks a bit strange. Despite reactions from different people, the actress is totally satisfied with her new appearance.

Final Thoughts

Lee Da Hae plastic surgery should not come as a surprise. Many celebrities have Kristin Chenoweth and Kourtney Kardashian have benefitted from plastic surgery as well. Also, unlike other celebrities, she’s been very open about it. As long as it made her happier than before, then there’s completely no problem.

Lee Da Hae Photos