Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery – Famous Tattoo Artist Improves Her Own Looks

Has Kat Von D Had Any Plastic Surgeries?

Kat Von D Pictures It is har to tell weather Kat Von D plastic surgery is a fact or just a rumor. Her look hasn’t altered that much through last 5-10 years as she is present in the public, either with her tattoo shop or because she got romantically linked to Sandra Bullock‘s than-husband. Because she is naturally beautiful it is hard to tell for sure if she changed her look surgically or simply thanks to different use of make-up. We are all aware that make-up application, use of different shades and colors of lipstick and eye-shadow can very much change our appearance. For example, when it comes to Kat von D make-up, it is evident that she uses more soft coloring than she used before, when she was more into vamp look. These days, she combines goth dark look with natural look that involves beige nude tones of make-up. Both make-up options look great on her, because she has pale skin and dark hair and these amazingly perfect facial features. Her face shape is oval and this makes it perfect for any hairstyle and make-up style, and Kat von D knows how to take advantage of this.

What Are Rumoured Plastic Surgeries Kat Von D Has Had?

According to the rumors, and when looking at Kat Von D plastic surgery before and after photos, we can say that there are some notions that Kan von D might have have:

  • Kat Von D Photos nose job
  • lips augmentation
  • breast augmentation

It must be noted, though, that neither has Kat von D ever admitted to having any of these rumored interventions, nor can we say for sure that she has had them. There are just some small tell-tale signs that she has had some of these cosmetic improvements of her already very nice and attractive look. Her nose looks a bit more perfect and thinner. When we compare her older and present photos, it can be said that her already very nice-looking nose now looks even more perfect, with thin and straight bridge and pointy, small nose tip.

Her lips appear fuller and plumper, even with nude-colored lipstick. This indicates that she might have get one or two botox injections to enlarge her lips and make them even more attractive and fuller. She has certainly achieved her goal, because her lips look very attractive and salacious these days.

Kat Von D Photos Kat Von D boob job is another rumored plastic surgery, which supposedly enhanced her cleavage and made it larger and more seductive. Kat hasn’t verified that she ever had surgery, although we can speculate that her boobs have been enlarged especially when we consider that she has lost some significant weight-and her boobs appear even larger than they were before. However, Kat von D has always denied every notion of plastic surgery, and her look hasn’t changed that much so we could definitely say she did it. Additionally, she has so many tattooes that they draw attention to themselves, making any marks of surgical intervention basically invisible.

What are your thoughts on Kat von D rumored plastic surgeries? Do you think she has improved her look surgically, or is it just due to her numerous tattooes and attractive overall appearance? After all, she definitely doesn’t need plastic surgery: in her 30s she is in her prime; she is very attractive woman with natural beauty and charm; she is successful and artistic, flamboyant woman with numerous interests and ability to succeed in anything she does.

Even if Kat von D has had any of rumored surgeries, it must be admitted that she has chosen great surgeon, the one who knew how to improve her look without making any obvious marks and without any negative side-effects. Such successful surgeries were those taken by Mila Kunis and Robin Meade, who have managed to improve their looks without any negative side-effects.

Kat von D  Body Statistics:

  • Kat Von D MeasurementsMeasurements: 34-30-36
  • Bra Size: 34C
  • Height: 5′ 9¼”
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Hair Color: currently black
  • Eye Color: brown