Jon Gosselin Net Worth

Jon Gosselin Net Worth

How much is Jon Gosselin worth:

  • Full Name: Jonathan Keith Gosselin
  • Net Worth: $10000
  • Occupation: TV personality
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: White


How Much Is Jon Gosselin Net Worth?

Jon Gosselin net worth is stated to be $10 thousand.  He is a popular TV personality. He became prominent after he started starring in the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. Together with his then wife, Jon Gosselin wrote a book, which was rated as bestelling by New York Times. Actually, most people, who know him, came to recognize him because of Kate. Besides, his exwife’s influence has he made a penny of his own. It is best if we found out together.

Jon Gosselin Career And Family Life

Jon Gosselin was born and brought up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1977.  He got his high school education from Wyomissing High School. 20 years later, he would meet Kate Kredier, when they had gone for a company picnic.  They date for two years and married in 1999.  They immediately started a family, their first twin daughters coming a year later.  In 2004, they were blessed with sextuplets and they all survived. They include three daughters and three sons.

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Actually, this is what placed the family and especially Jon Gosselin on the international arena. The news of the sextuplets went wild like a razing forest fire. Discovery Health saw this as an opportunity and started a show just for the large family. It was called “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. This is what increased the couple’s net worth.  The show went first on air in 2005. In the next year, they appeared in the “Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later”. The show commenced in 2007 but it was later moved to TLC network.

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In addition, the two even wrote a book, which was titled “Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets”. It sold amicably and even got to the list of best selling books, as prepared by the New York Times.

From Riches To Ashes

However, their union would not last long before it was plagued by Jon’s unfaithfulness. He is reported to have had a relationship, with the daughter of the cosmetic surgeon of her wife Kate. This automatically led to a divorce. Their show was to be changed to Kate Plus 8 but he filed a case against the action. Nonetheless, after the divorce settlement it was changed and continued to air until 2011. The divorce left Jon Gosselin devastated financially. At one time, he worked as an installer for solar panels whereas in other times he served as a waiter in Pennsylvania restaurants.

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With that, you understand why Jon Gosselin net worth is this low.