Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry Jones Net Worth

How much is Jerry Jones worth:

  • Full Name: Jerral Wayne Jones
  • Net Worth: $4.2 Billion
  • Occupation: owner of a football club, manager, president
  • Marital Status: married
  • Ethnicity: caucasian

Jerry Jones Net Worth – The Man Owns Most Successfull Football Club İn The World

Jerry Jones Road To Wealth

Jerry Jones PhotosJerry Jones net worth has been earned tmazihanks to his ang success and good business sense. He bought Dallas Cowboys for $140 million in 1989, and has since made it not only into incredibly successful club from a sport’s point of view, but also from a financial and business-like point of view. Dallas Cowboys make incredible wealth of commercials and business deals for frenchise.

How Did It All Start?

JJerry Jones Photoserry Jones was born in Los Angeles and raised in Arkansas, North Little Rock. He finished University of Arkansas, and while on a college he was a successful football player himself.

After he finished college in 1965, he started working in Modern Security Life in Springfield, Missouri as an executive vice president. This was his dad’s company, so this is a reason for such a high position. He continued education as well, and in 1970, he received master’s title in business. He also tried out independent business ventures that were not successful at first, but he managed to achieve quite a lot of success with gas and exploration business in Arkansas.

With net worth of Jerry Jones acquired in this business, he bought Dallas Cowboys, and this is when his stellar success began.

Jerry Jones PhotosIt must be noted that Jerry Jones is not liked by many football fans that have a lot of criticism for successful club owner, despite the fact that he has evidently made this club a huge success. They don’t like the fact that he fired very much loved coach Tom Landry. They don’t like the fact that Jerry Jones is very present in media and has high media profile, very much unlike previous owner who didn’t like limelight.

When Jerry Jones started his path as a club owner, Dallas Cowboys were one of the best paid players in the entire NFL, which was a reason for critics to complain on his managerial skills, saying that he wasn’t a good manager but a good payee instead. When later on NFL changed rules about maximum payment for players, additionally regulating payments for revenues, this has limited possibility for any club to have significantly better paychecks than other. Dallas Cowboys haven’t since been very successful in their games, so critics may have had a point in this one.

Jery Jones was fined several times by the NFL for his public criticism of judges and commissioners.

Interesting Private Life Of Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones PhotosJerry Jones wife Eugenia Jones and he have been married for several decades and have three children together. Jerry Jones house is located in posh Dallas Highland Park neighborhood, and is worth $20 million. This house is packed with expensive paintings that have been chosen by his wife, who has also chosen pieces of art that are displayed in the club. Jerry and his family live good life indeed. Jerry owns private plane and for country travels he has bought and equipped luxury bus that he paid $2.5 million.

Jerry Jones PhotosJerry Jones plastic surgery is another piece of rumor about this famous businessman. Thanks to his presence in public and interest of media for him, it was possible to follow his aging process over the years. Today he is 72 years old, but he appears at least a decade younger, so it is very often speculated that he has undergone plastic surgery, most likely facelifting.

There are several other businessmen who are often subject of media interest, such as Mark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg. Are they equally successful as Jerry, what do you think?

Jerry Jones has managed to achieve lot of success during his life. Do you think that he will make any more significant success, is there anything much to do, anymore?

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Jerry Jones Body Statistics:

  • Height: 6′ 0″Jerry Jones Body Statistics Measurements
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Shoe Size: n/a
  • Hair Color: gray
  • Eye Color: blue