Jeri Ryan Measurements

Jeri Ryan Measurements – Are Sexy Affirmative

Popularly known in Star Trek Voyager the series, Jeri Ryan has the fitting role for that perfect tight suit. She stood out from the crowd as she played brilliantly in the tv series. Jeri played Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat and with a body like her, surprisingly, she has 2 kids! Jeri Ryan measurements have perfect body.

Jeri Ryan Measurements

Jeri Ryan The Actress

As an American actress, Jeri was born in a simple family and moved to many places before having a career in Hollywood. She has done lots of films and tv series during her career and she continues to strives her path. Jeri married in 1991 to Jack Ryan. She has a son and got divorced in 1999. And then got married to Cristophe Eme. She has daughter with Cristophe and they are now still together. Jeri started her career in acting as early as in 1991. She has a role in Nightmare in Columbia Country and afterward, the producer of Who’s The Boss asked her to join the tv movie.

Jeri Ryan Body Measurement

She may not be as famous as Angelina Jolie but when it comes to great body, her figure is looking flawless. She is a fascinating being with blonde hair and seductive eyes. She admits that having a great body measurement attracts people to get to know her. Although there is no rumor that says her breast enlargement procedure, but many believe she has done that. She has never publicly stated or revealed the surgery but she has no reason to do so, don’t you think? There is no sign of enlargement in her body as if she was born sexy. Her name skyrocketed when she played in Star Trek and after the role, she began to find a firm path in the movie industry. She makes women jealous with her D cup breasts.


Jeri Ryan And Losing Weight

After having her second baby, Jeri gained 28 lbs. After the pregnancy, Jeri Ryan measurements tried to get back in shape after 10 months. But she did not incorporate gym. Instead, she uses Pilates per week. She can do it 3 times in a row and sometimes she feels frustrated. She understands that her age is not young anymore so she has to do extra work to keep her pace. She exercises harder than ever.Jeri is looking forward to move to New York. After marrying a chef, she feels so much better in dieting because she has someone who knows how to cook healthy dishes. Do you wish to see anything changing about Jeri Ryan measurements?

Jeri Ryan Photos Jeri likes to eat green leaves. After she delivered her baby, she has been working as a full time mom around the clock. She is a lady with idealism that will definitely get her to where she wants. She likes outdoor activities and so does her daughter that is why she has a garden for both. She eats her own plants including broccoli, carrots and cabbage. She loves it when Giselle eats a lot of veggies like her and pretty much adventurous as well. After reading the information on the measurements of Jeri Ryan, then you can be interested in knowing more about Jessica Biel measurements.

Jeri Ryan And Her Family

Jeri Ryan Photos Her world changed after she has her first baby. Jeri Ryan measurements are even then near to perfect. She puts everything behind her son including her acting career and focused as a full time mom. That happens the same thing when she has the second baby. Marrying to a chef who concerns about health, Jeri makes sure that she and her family eat only healthy foods from organic products. She is a totally funky mom that can befriend with her kids. But above all, she never forgets to shape up her body and make sure that she has a balance between exercise and eating. Jeri Ryan is now back on track pursuing her career as a tv and movie star. She refuses to take gossip seriously and live a healthy positive life instead.

Do you believe that Jeri Ryan would never have achieved her success without her measurements?

Jeri Ryan Measurements.

Jeri Ryan Body Statistics :

  • Bra Size: 32 D
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in or 177 cm
  • Weight: 122 lbs (55 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 8.5
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: brown
  • Eye Color: brown



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  1. Brian R Dawson

    I refuse to accept that 7of 9s bra size is only 32D more like 42D if you ask me . OIlive Oil would be about 32D . Jeri also has great sepeparation thrown in as a bonus ….absolutely magnificent mammaries !!

  2. Brenda Garten Bautista

    I’m a small build with natural 34Ds, my 3 daughters inherited the trait from me. All 4 of us have had people speculate that we probably had breast enlargement. Nope. Some girls, like Jeri Ryan are natural.

  3. Jeena

    I had breast enlargement–double D! I know implants when I see them. Problem? Silicone Mastitis. Had a lump that could not be biopsied because of the implant. Doc suggested remove implant, check lump-insurance would NOT pay, but WOULD pay to remove entire breast. I said,” what, one double D and nothing on other side? Take them both!!!”. Now I wear prosthetics. I can be whatever size I want. LOOKING BACK, WOULD NEVER HAVE HAD THE IMPLANTS!

  4. Jon M

    This article lacks so much credibility. Bridgette Wilson played Sonya in Mortal Kombat NOT Jeri Ryan. It was a completely different person. Seriously, you’re going to start off an article with a completely wrong fact?! A simple Google search or going to IMDB will tell you that. What a horrible “journalist” (I use that word lightly).

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