Dana White Net Worth

Dana White Net Worth

How much is Dana White net worth:

  • Full Name: Dana F. White
  • Net Worth: 135 $Million
  • Occupation: Kickbox instructor, boxer, Jiu-jitsu coach, businessman
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Dana White Net Worth – He Is A Very Influential Person In The World Of Martial Arts, After All, He Is At The Top Of The UFC Organizational Pyramid.

 Dana White As A Young Boxer With A Clear Vision

 Dana White PicturesAmerican UFC man number one was raised by his mothers family most of his childhood. His first steps in the world of box were at the age of  seventeen. At that time he also worked as  a boxing and aerobic instructor. He was born in Manchester and has a sister Kelly also raised by Dana’s  mother and her family. Dana White net worth has been increasing  ever since he recognized opportunity and menaged to seize it. He was manager for Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell when he found out that UFC is for sell. Dana made contact with his childhood friend Fertitta Lorenco who was an executive at Station Casinos in Las Vegas. After only one month Fertita brothers, Lorenzo and Frank, bought the UFC for 2 $ million and White has been appointed as its president.  Dana White PhotosFertitta brothers formed a comapany named Zuffa, so they could buy the UFC, and their classmate friend Dana was given 10% of the ownership in Zuffa. Dana White was and still is the brain of the UFC organization. Soon enough his interests changed form boxing to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and he started managing couple of MMA fignters who had appearance by the UFC. His dream came true because, like he says, he always knew what he wannted to do next. Dana has that survival instict just like then when he recognized that problem he had with Irish mafia, precisely mafia boss Whitey Bulger, back in Boston, were not solvable. He took a plane to Las Vegas and never went back. Nowadays, Dana White net worth is one of the highest in fighting industry. In the beginning UFC had lost a millions of dollars but now is becoming a multi –billion dollar organization. Pay per view buyers of the UFC are growing day by day along with Dana White net worth.

Dana  White Is A Family Men

 Dana White PhotosLas Vegas for Dana White is the synonym for love life since this is the town where he found love of his life. Anne Stella is Dana White wife, and they met eighteen years ago. She was a student in Catolic High School and that is were Dana met his present wife. Two of them got three children together, two boys and a girl. His attention is divided among his personal life and UFC and no one is deprived of it. Dana says that his children are his greatest success in life. He is devoted to them and his wife especially on weekends when he lives business on Friday evening and spend time with them till Monday morning.  But that does not mean that he is off the phone for the weekend, on the contrary, a lot of time he spend talking on the phone with Fertita brother and fighters from UFC. His family completely understands him since it is his work which provides them everything they desire.

 Dana White PhotosIt is the same with Dana White house; he can buy one in any city in the world. He has a house in California situated in Laguna Beach, but a very beautiful spot on the Earth it is not so attractive any more when everything shuts down. In Las Vegas nothing is closed. It is for him the only city in the whole world where he can live. His house in Las Vegas is a huge estate in which he can do what ever he wants. Sometime he said that he ordered an artificial snow on his driveway for his kids, for whom, by the way, he would do anything. Do you think it is the right way of raising the kids by providing them anything they wish for? Are they going to be appreciative in the future for the childhood they had?

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Dana White Body Statistics:

  • Height: 5’11”Dana White Body Statistics Measurements
  • Weight: 196 lbs
  • Shoe Size:
  • Hair Color. Bold
  • Eye Color: Brown