Kim Kardashian’s Plastic Surgery – In some aspects her Body Looks Surgically Defined

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery before and after

Kim Kardashian’s before plastic surgery photos indicate that she has indeed had some surgical interventions, to change her appearance and make it the way it is today. Although surgeons discuss what she has probably done, there is no doubt that she has enhanced her looks through professional surgical assistance.

What has Changed In Kim’s Look that Leads us To believe She has Had Surgery ?

Kim Kardashian’s before and after plastic surgery photos show a difference that gives us a hint as to which surgeries Kim has undergone. People often say that it is impossible to have such a bottom without butt implants. On the other side, medical professionals state that she has changed her behind thanks to fat transfer from her legs to her behind. Using your own fat is an advanced, modern procedure, and very popular because there is no “foreign matter” in your body. Basically, this is just transfer of fat from unwanted to wanted locations. Speaking of current trends of popularity regarding large butts, we are prone to believe that she chose to enlarge her behind to be in with the trends. This particularly goes with her Latina look, since Latinas are known for round butts and hips, along with thin, defined waists and beautiful faces. Kim’s fashion choices prove that she is very confident and happy with her present look. She loves her behind and her voluminous boobs, and never misses a chance to show them off. Her choice of clothes proves that she is very happy with the way her booty looks.

Kim Kardashian photosAngelina Jolie’s plastic surgery is a very important surgery that we have observed in the world of celebrities. The life of celebrities are not as important for themselves as it is to others. The decisions required to be taken in this scenario by these celebrities are very important for them and for their future in Hollywood. Plastic surgery will give a celebrity a new look and appearance in front of their fans, as well as their partners.

Kim’s Enhanced Look Is Very Sexy And Attractive

Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery nose job

Kim Kardashian’s before and after plastic surgery look has been quite altered and this has given us some cause for suspicion. However her first husband is the one who announced that he had paid for some surgical interventions, such as a few liposuctions, because she wanted to do it. She denied this, and has only admitted to having some botox injection in order to remove small wrinkles around her eyes. Besides this intervention, Kim states that her good looks are simply amatter of good genes and lots of exercise. Kim states that she eats healthy, that she is very active and disciplined when it comes to her beauty regimen, and we can actually confirm that she is a regular at thegym. We have often seen her going into thegym, or heading out after an intensive workout.

Kim Kardashian Photos

Kim Kardashian Body MeasurementsDid Kim Have Nose Surgery?

Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery nose job was another matter for debate. Her nose looks very straight and improved in comparison to photos from her teenage years. Kim had a pretty nose even before, and although we don’t think there was any need to improve it, she still had it done, and it does look even more perfect than before. Despite the fact that Kim denies most of the surgical improvements to her look, we tend to believe that has had a few surgeries done, but she has made wise choices and they haven’t altered her looks very much.

Although we remain in doubt when it comes to some of the surgeries that Kim has supposedly done: nose job, butt job, breast job, liposuction-it is still a fact that she has managed to achieve her primary goal, and that is to become a celebrity. Without any apparent talent (either for acting, singing or writing), Kim has become a star and this is definitely something we must give her credit for. And to top it all, she has managed to get the love of one of the biggest rap stars, Kanye West. Their marriage was a lavish ceremony that is still the main story in many newspapers. It is evident we shall hear a lot more about Kim Kardashian in the years to come.

Kim Kardashian Body Statistics:

    • Measurements: 37-26-40
    • Bra Size: 32 DD
    • Height: 5’3″ 
    • Weight: 134 1/2 lbs
    • Shoe Size: 7
    • Dress Size: 8
    • Hair Color: dark brown

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  • Candice Bailey

    I think Kim Kardashian doesn’t need to deny that she had plastic surgery. Her nose looks better. After all these year her look has improved. besides the nose job the botox she had made her look better and younger. I think She needs to loose weight after that her body will be perfect!

    • Lucy

      I disagree. She looked ethnic and pretty before any surgery. Now she looks like a plastic doll with a tight stretched face. Her new nose is ugly.

  • G-Dog

    Not a single pics or point raised in this vid indicates ANY plastic surgery at all.

  • Christina

    She’s is not Latina! She is half Amernian, which used to be part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Get your facts right.

    • DaireConstantineOReilly

      But she looks to have work done to look Latino because , Latino women can be hot

      • BooBooBaby

        Yes, but she is half Armenian and Half English/Irish European!
        She doesn’t have any Latin Nationalities in her DNA….she has No Spanish-Spain/Portuguese-Portugal/Italy-Italian =
        Latin European Nationalities in her DNA!!

  • lislie castro

    Kim kardashian is pretty now but then she looked boring and bad

  • Lisa Edwards

    She is Armenian. She looks like shit. She’s only 5’1″ tall and she looks utterly ridiculous. She’s about maybe 33 years old and she looks psycho. Her face is utterly unmoveable. She looks insane and I don’t personally like her because all she could do to get the fame that she craves is get BUTT implants and make sex tapes knowing damn good and well she would have to sign a contract with Vivid Entertainment and the fact that the girl has spent literally thousands on her run of the mill looks.She looks completely psycho. She is nuts!!! She is such a narcissistic whack job and comes across as one.Someone who continually needs to be in the limelight, although she’s a colossal joke, is sickening.She’s a social climber..her husband is a talentless hack and her whole family is whacked out.. All fame whores…Yuck they make me sick.. and yes I did comment because she’s insane.. and GROSS…

    • Randomly Hiccuping Ballads

      As much as I dislike Kanye myself, he is certainly not without talent. Perhaps he doesn’t make music that appeals to you, but his lyrical skill, delivery, and of course his production catalog most definetly doesn’t equate to talentless.

      That said, he is a megalomaniac who’s grandiose sense of self importance is of colossal proportions and the same can be said of his histrionics. I’m not sure who’s a bigger pathological narcisisst between Kim and Kanye, but it doesn’t really matter because nothing can be done about it and their poor children are doomed! Yes, doomed! The same can be said for Kourtney’s children as well. Those children might have it slightly better than Kim and Kanye’s, but not by much.

      These kids have yet another pathological narcisisst in the midst, their grandmother, Kris! Ugh! I cant even begin to imagine all of the projecting, gaslighting, invalidation, smear campaigns, and manipulation that these kids will be subjected to just from Kris alone! I practically dry heeve when adding Kim and Kanye will be in the mix too! These people are all Cluster B personality types and these are the most vile and toxic people in the world to have around anybody, especially vulnerable and defenseless children!

      I shutter to think of the things that these emotional and psychological vampiric people will do to these kids! The effects that NM and NF (narcisisstic mother) (narcisisstic father) have on their children is massive! One or more of each of these kids will be assigned the GC (golden child) role and the SG (scapegoat child) and they will suffer greatly no matter how much $$$ they have! Poor kids.

      • Kevin

        I was a stagehand for over 10 years and worked one of Kanye’s shows. His was the ONLY show in my career where I came back to do the load out (which is taking everything down and loading it on the trucks) and the headliner hadn’t even gone on stage yet! His tour manager told me he doesn’t give a shit about his fans and could care less that they had to wait and happily pays the $25,000 fine every night for starting late which screws up the crew’s for the following day that are trying to get the venue ready for basketball or hockey.

        • Randomly Hiccuping Ballads

          Totally. Not. Shocked! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope that his nasty negative energy doesn’t come back on him one day and bite him in the ass! Perhaps that is what it will take to chalk it up as a life lesson.

          Damn he’s vile.

          • BooBooBaby

            Hahahaha! Looks like Today is the day that Kanye’s “Negative Energy” has Hit him like a Ton of Bricks!! Looks like he got handcuffed and is in a mandatory 5150! (If what I have been reading TODAY is true!)
            You called it a Year Ago!!
            Are you psychic!?? Lolz! 😉

        • Whiteguy

          And yet you worked as his slave.

          • Tanya

            Kevin, above, did NOT work for West; read his comment again.

          • Whiteguy

            No thanks. I recall it. He performed manual labor setting up equipment so the show could go on. Does not matter what company name was on his pay check.

            Was not worth reading the first time.

        • Whiteguy


          • Lucy

            Why are you so rude about this comment? I know a few people who work in businesses that deal with celebrities and they talk about who they’ve met or dealt with and what they are like. This guys job was to take apart stages and equipment for what ever band or singer performed. He wasn’t working for Kanye. He shared an experience about him. Why do you have a hard time with that? If it’s a true statement what a jerk Kanye is.

          • Whiteguy

            You replied to a 7 month old post?


            Do you get out much?

            Yes K is a jerk. But Kevin did work for him.He lowed himself to that point. It was also a boring story.

  • Kara Seville

    who wrote this article?
    THis ho has had three nose jobs already, lipo, botox, boob job and fat a$$ job.
    Let’s stop already
    134 lbs and 5’3? lmao – in her dreams

    • amy

      That can’t be right. Each ass cheek is so damn big they gotta be 30 lbs each cheek easy. I’d say 150

      • CJ

        I agree, there is no way she is only 134.5. She is huge. Not so sure she is a size 8 either more like a 16 plus.

  • BooBooBaby

    She isn’t a Latina! She is half Armenian and Half English/irish!

    Also, most of us Latino’s and Latina’s are WHITE….OR HALF OR MORE WHITE….EUROPEAN!! (Latin–Spain/Portuguese/Italian…..Latin-European!) Kim KarTrashian is none of those Nationalities!!